Sunday, May 31, 2009

A year? Already?

Wow..times flies. Ian and I were married a year ago today. Lots of changes in the last year!

Last night, we went out on (I'm sure a final date for a long long time) a date for our anniversary. We saw a play, Don't Drink the Water, and had dinner at a place called Chester's. Dinner The place has been open for over a year and is always getting good reviews so we decided to venture from our usual "going to dinner without Ady" place, Micheal's. We should have gone to Micheal's. It's not that Chester's was bad, it just wasn't anything to write home about. I never ever leave Micheal's feeling like that. I leave Micheal's and I'm in heaven. Anyway. We skipped desert at the restaurant and had gellato at a new European chocolate shop in the mall we were in. It was pistachio flavored and oh so good!
Then it was on to watch the play. I thought it was pretty funny but Ian wasn't very impressed. He usually isn't impressed so that wasn't a shock!

I started this entry talking about all the changes over the last year. Guess I should cover those..

  • Obviously, we got married
  • Took a fabulous honeymoon cruise. I can't wait to take another one!!
  • Ady spent the summer in Alaska with her grandparents (that was a long hard summer on me!!)
  • Became pregnant in October, right on schedule!
  • Ian was accepted into the PhD program. Awesome accomplishment but also very scary.
  • I finished school
  • Ady started taking dance and can't wait to start school. Poor kid has to wait another year
Now, here we are 365 days after saying 'I DO', ok so we never actually said 'I Do' but you know what I mean!

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  1. Congratulations! I can't believe that it has been a whole year since the fabulous wedding. What an eventful year...we are so excited and proud of you both (and Ady, too, of course). We are looking forward to seeing the four of you in July.

    Love, Grammy Care