Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's update

Ady went to a yoga class this morning. I think she had fun. She says she had fun, but she won't tell me what she did other than got her face painted and had a snack! :) While she was in class I snuck off to the grocery store and got some fresh veggies so we can make grilled pizza tonight for dinner. Ady has been bugging me for a while to make homemade pizza and everywhere I look lately, I'm seeing recipes for grilled pizza..ok, I get the hint! :)
Ian's grandma called us a couple of weeks ago asking what she could buy us for the baby. I directed her to my registry. She went to Target and tried to buy a walker/bouncer thingy for the baby and they were less than helpful so she just mailed a check and a card telling me what she wanted to buy. On Saturday, we headed for Target to make the purchase. After looking at several of these things side by side we decided on one that was a little bit different and better than the one I had originally picked out.

Hopefully, this little guy will like it in a few months!
I'm slowly, very slowly, getting the nursery organized. I'm trying to organize the drawers right now and that's my top priority this week. It has to get done!!
The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy while we wait for Owen to arrive.
  • Ady has 'graduation' from her preschool program at daycare tomorrow
  • Dr on Thurs. First internal. I'm praying for some change but I know there might not be any change at all
  • Ian has to work again on Saturday
  • Ian has Monday off so he can work on an hour long presentation for a class
  • Next Tues, Ian presents
  • Next Wed, I will have my final haircut before baby arrives
  • Saturday, the 13th, there is a cookout/baby shower for us since no one we know here was around for Ady! :)
  • After that, Owen can arrive at any time!!
Sheesh...busy busy!!

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