Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 weeks

Baby's now the size of a raspberry!
Baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs, and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy.

Due Date: Early February

Weight Gain:Still only up 2 lbs

Symptoms: Not as tired as I have been but I've been getting motion sickness. Long car rides and even watching Owen swing. (That one is weird!)

What's different this time: With Owen, my sense of smell was ridiculous. i don't really notice that this time around. And my boobs didnt hurt this much with Owen, but they sure did with Ady!

Cravings: Mexican food

Aversions: Nothing this week

Sleep: Oh, sleep. Sleep is fantastic! I sleep like a rock. Now, if I could only get more of it!!

I am loving: sleep

I miss:  not feeling bloated!

I am looking forward to:My appt on Friday!

I'm spazzing about: We are making progress on Ady's room. All the toys are out and the bed will be moved out soon!

Best thing about this week: Seeing B for the first time in years and dinner with friends!

Milestones: no real milestones this week

Movement: nope, nothing. still too early

It's a...: I'm already convinced it's a girl

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a miracle!! Or curse! (depending on who you are!)

Ian called me last night when he got home from work. That damn refrigerator was working! After I'd speent all day looking for my new one! grrrr. Ian said we would go and look anyway. So we did. And I loved one of them. It was even 50% off. *le sigh* We did not walk away with a new one. We walked away with 'we'll think about it'
I came to work this morning and the girls gave me lots of reasons why we should go ahead and get it.
1. Adding or upgrading anything in your kitchen adds value to the house. (Ian will love that one!!)
2.I will be able to actually SEE what is in our fridge/freezer!!
3. They both (the girls at work) got new ones. (ok, so that one probably won't work on Ian)
4. It was 50% off!!! That's a darn good price!
So we'll see. One good thing did happen last night. We sold the futon. So now, Ian and a buddy of his can move Ady's unbelievably heavy bed from her room to the basement so that we can make way for the new bunk beds!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Late last week, Ian and I woke up and noticed that our A/C was running almost none stop and that it's wasn't putting out very cold air. Awesome opossum! Ian looked around and found that the tube going from the unit to the house had ice on it. That can't be good, right?! Moving into the basement we saw water (?) on the floor running from the furnace to the drain. Looks like it was time to call the repair guys in. Ian set up an appt for this morning. So, that meant we would be living without A/C for a few days. Thankfully, this summer has been unusually cool, so it wasn't too bad at all really!
Fast forward to last night. I started to clean up dinner when I noticed a puddle under the freezer door. I opened the door and noticed melting ice on the door. Ummm....Ian?!?! We started looking around and decided well, maybe the door wasn't closed all the way. So we cleaned up the mess and hoped things would start to freeze up again. Just as I was heading for bed, Ian opened the fridge/freezer and no, things were not colder. I grabbed the coolers and started taking stuff out of the freezer to put in the chest freezer. With some rearranging, I was able to get everything into the chest freezer.After that, Ian looked around to see if he could figure out what was wrong with the fridge. Dead motor it seems. So I was off to the store to get ice to put our groceries in.
The kitchen now has three coolers in it with all of our food from the fridge. Tonight, we shop. Hopefully coming home with a new fridge purchased that will be delivered ASAP!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Walking my feet off!

This past weekend, one of my oldest (and old roomie) came up to see me! I haven't seen her since my wedding and that was over three years ago. We were long overdue for a visit!!
On Friday, we stayed up way too late (at least in the book of this pregnant gal) and I warned her that little man Owen likes to wake very early! Ha Ha! but she could sleep as late as she wants. Come Saturday morning, I was stunned with litle man didn't wake up until 8:30. It was heaven!! He must have known how tired his poor momma was from growing his new sibling(I'm convinced it's his new sister, but anyway..). I don't think he has ever slept so late!
After breakfast we all headed for the park so we could walk. Well, we didn't stop at the park with our walk. We walked downtown and strolled around the Farmers Market and then we checked out Rocehsterfest and gave B (my friend) a little taste of heaven with friend cheese curds.   At this point it was starting to rain so we headed for home. B and I decided on our walk that we should go to the Mall of America and Ikea. (what were we thinking?!?!)
Once home we spiffed ourselves up and headed for the cities. We walked, and walked, and walked. B bought a pair of shoes. That was our only purchase..ok that and cookies to take home. :)
We were both dead tired by this point but I really did have to go to IKEA. I needed to get bedding for the kids new beds. Want to see it?

I bought one in red and one in green. I haven't decided yet who will get what color.
After staying up late again on Sat, I was very happy when little man slept late on Sunday! Ian got up and took his bike ride while I got Owen breakfast and hung out with B. After we ate breakfast, B headed back home. :(
Then the work began. We cleaned out Ady's bedroom. We need to sell our futon so that her current bed cam move to the basement and we can set up the bunk beds in preperation for Owen moving into her room with her!
But that's our weekend! Busy as usual. And we got the dates of my in-laws long visit. This is one jam packed summer!