Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My last day tasted like Perkins

Today was it. My last day of school!! Yay!! Ok, so I have to go in tomorrow, but thats just to get test results back, so we aren't going to count that! I handed in my final today and then my class went out for breakfast. We went to Panakoken. (Thats a Dutch pancake) We got there and the hostess said that she would have to put us at two separate table b/c she had two groups of 40 coming in!! So we left. Perkins it is. It Panakoken would have been better. I got eggs benedict, my fav 'going out for bfast' meal and you could tell the hollandaise sauce wasn't home made. Oh well, I guess. I did get a Raspberry muffin to bring home!

After breakfast I met up with my friend Jen to go fabric shopping. I'm going to send the ridiculous amount of fabric that I bought to my sister so she can make me Boppy covers. (Scared yet Abby??) The fabric, zippers, and cord to go around the edge, and a 40% off coupon later, I'm out nearly $80...I don't think this is cheaper than buying a few covers in the store! But whatever. They should turn out cute. I meant to get yarn to finish the baby blanket and forgot it. Oh well.

Then I came home and took a nap. A much much needed nap. Allergies are kickin my butt now. I take a Claritin every morning, but I'm not too sure how much it helps. It helps with the itchy eyes, thats for sure. But I'm not sure it's worth the sore throat, foggy brain, and constant desire to sleep that the medicine also seems to give me. And this late in my pregnancy I'm not even sure how much of that stuff is allergy related and how much is baby related!!

Now I'm sitting here with my Blended Mocha, very light on the coffee, from Java Detour waiting to go and get my monkey!

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