Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night was rough. Owen was up a lot last night. I think I might have managed 4 hours of sleep last night. Ick.
Today I need to clean up Ady's room, go to the bank, Social security office, and a grocery store of some sort. Oh and make a doctors appt for myself.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Favorite Picture

It's pretty normal for Owen to wake up around 7:30, have a bottle and then go back to sleep until 10 or so. This is how I found him yesterday morning. Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but he seemed pretty happy!

A day out and about

Ian and I decided to go to the cites yesterday. Mainly because we could actually just get up and go. We went to a sculpture garden, a comic book store, and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Dinner was very good.
The sculpture garden wasn't too bad. We saw three different wedding parties there having their pictures taken. And across the street there was a gay pride festival thingy going on so we wandered around over there for a bit. One guy commented on Owen by saying 'There's a fresh little guy'. :) That was a new one. Most people just comment on the fact that he's cute or looks so new.
Owen was an angel all day long. He pretty much slept all day. At dinner, you wouldn't have even known he was there if you didn't look in the seat next to me!
Of course, since it was the Cheesecake Factory we shared a piece of carrot cake cheesecake and then we each picked a piece to come home with. I'm looking forward to eating that piece of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cheesecake sitting in my fridge!

One of the sculptures at the garden

Ian and 'The Walking Man"

St. Mary's Basilica

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First movie

Owen is 6 days old. He went to his first movie today. Star Trek.
Please, Lord, don't let my son turn into a 'trekkie'!!

Welcome to the world Owen Douglas

Owen is punctual. He proved that to me the day he was born! He arrive on his due date!
My parents got into town on Thurs the 18th around 9:30. Ady was beside herself with excitement to see granny and pa. We all stayed up for the better part of an hour just talking and unwinding. Mom got to feel Owen move around a little bit too. :) Then it was off to bed! Ady so badly wanted to sleep with granny and pa but I told her that they needed a good nights sleep after being on the road all day long!
Around 1 am I got up and went to the bathroom. I went back to sleep and at 3:33 am (I checked my clock!) I felt wet. I wondered if I had peed myself some. (common problem for the very pregnant). I got up and went to the bathroom. I decided I did not pee myself but my water had broken! I tried to call out to Ian but he was out for the count. So I got into the shower. I had made the mistake of not taking a shower before I went to the hospital with Ady and I was not going to make that mistake again!! After my shower I went into our room and told Ian that my water had broke and if he wanted to shower before he left, he'd better get to it! He asked me if I was sure..silly boys! I called Labor and Delivery at the hospital and told them what had happened. Then I headed upstairs and told my mom what was going on. She was so excited! I told her where things were for Ady and we left for the hospital.
Ian asked me if I wanted to drive. Um, no. It was really foggy that morning. We got to the hospital and I hadn't felt the tiniest little contraction. They set us up in a triage room and the nurse did a swab to make sure I was leaking amniotic fluid and not urine. I told her I was sure and I was right! ;) She asked me how my contractions were and I told her I wasn't sure I was having any!
After a while another nurse came over and they wheeled my bed to a labor room. From this point to 7 am I saw several different nurses and couldn't tell you what a single one of their names was. Ian and I just hung out. Ian tried to sleep some but the chairs in the room were really uncomfortable. I was feeling minor contractions at this point but nothing bad.
At 7 am there was a shift change and I met my wonderful nurse Melissa. She was great. She started me on Penicillin since I had tested positive for Strep B. She also told me that Pitocin (helps increase contractions) had been ordered for me. I really didn't want that stuff! I've heard horror stories about it! So she suggested that we walk some to see if that would get things moving. Well, it did, but not enough and they started the Pitocin. Oh, I was also told that Owen would be delivered within 12 hours of my water breaking to prevent infection so I knew that by 3:30 that afternoon I would have my baby on the outside!
Ian had called his parents and was surprised to hear that his dad was still awake at 3 am Alaska time reading a book. A friend of mine, Liann, had called me and couldn't believe that I hadn't called her and told her as soon as my water broke. I explained to her that that happened at 3:30 in the morning. She reminded me who I was talking to! :)
So the contraction got stronger with the Pitocin. At 9, Ian took off to see if his co-workers were going for breakfast. He offered to smuggle me in some toast or something since I was starving and could only have liquids. Then we were just waiting and getting through the contractions.
Anesthesia came in and talked me to about my choices for an epidural. I told her I wanted one but was a bit unsure of what kind since I was so sick after having Ady and I'd been told it was my reaction to the drugs. Apparently, that was wrong. I just throw up when I'm in labor. This was proven when I started throwing up my OJ without any pain relievers in me!
Anyway, a doctor came to check me for the first time because I'd asked to know how far along I was before getting the epidural. Let the parade of doctors begin!! I believe it was a resident that first came in. She checked me and said I was at around 4 cm. Ok, good enough for me! Bring on the drugs!
Anesthesia came back and told me that they were going to give me a spinal block that would last about and hour and a half then they would turn on the epidural. Ok, sounds fine to me. This took forever!! My contractions were really bad by this point. I thought it would only take a few minutes. That's the way it was when I had Ady and I was at a much better hospital this time around! Wrong!! The dr kept telling me I had really ' tough ligaments' back there. I kept asking my nurse if she was almost done b/c I was having trouble staying still. Ian was going back and forth from holding my hand and standing at my back so he could see what was going on. She finally gave up on site #1 and moved up to try another spot on my back. Great. It didn't happen right away, but she finally got that thing in! The dr and her nurse started testing my legs and sides to see what I could feel and making adjustments. I could still feel my right leg. It was a little tingly but that was all. I couldn't feel pain from the contractions but I could feel pressure from them. Once they were satisfied with their job the headed out.
More OB doctors came in. One checked me and said I was 9 cm but baby's head was facing to the right. She said that he should turn on his own in time for me to push. Minutes later the first doctor that checked me came in and said I was 10 cm but his head had not turned. So she goes in and tries to turn it. Holy mother does that hurt!! I could feel tremendous pressure for her hands! I wanted to yell at her so badly but I could hardly talk the pressure was so bad! They put my on oxygen. I told Ian he needed to call my mom ASAP if she wanted to be there when Owen was born.
At this point there are 4 OB dr's in the room with me and a gaggle of nurses. My nurse had called anesthesia to turn on my epidural but they were too late. It was time to push. The one dr was still trying to turn Owen and I still wanted to give her a piece of my mind!! I started pushing. Ian held one leg for me and my nurse held the other. I became one of those cliche women you see on TV and yelled when I pushed. The dr in front of me yelled at me for that and told me I have to hold my breath to push. I did not like this woman! The staff OB speaks up and says that he doesn't like what he is seeing with Owen's heart rate when I push. Then he says words I didn't expect to hear. 'Assisted delivery' What?! He said they would have to use forceps or a vacuum. The dr and Ian kept asking me if I understood what they were saying but all I could was cry. I wanted a nice easy labor like I'd had with Adyand I was terrified of a c-section! Luckily, they didn't have mirrors in the labor room but I saw the forceps in the visor of the doctor in front of me. Holy crap. That. is. going. hurt.
There was insane pressure and I can feel Owen coming out. Then I hear that the cord is wrapped around his neck twice!!! Freaking out now!! He isn't crying and they don't let me see him. They took him right over to the table to be checked out. Then I hear his little cry. Thank god! I hear a nurse tell Ian that she will take a picture of him cutting the cord and I can hear the doctor in front of me talking about a minor tear. She gives me Lidocain and started the repair. I am finally given my little boy. I cry a bit. He is perfect. The doctors tell me to let them know if I feel anything b/c I shouldn't. Well I do. I feel a needle! After four more shots of Lidocain she finally gets my tiny first degree tear sewed up.
Shortly after, a nurse comes in and says that my family is in the hallway. They come in and mom starts crying right away. Ady is so excited to see her baby brother and can't take her eyes off of him for about five minutes. Then she says 'Pa, I'm hungry' :)

So there it is. 10 hours of labor and 40 mintues of pushing for Ady. 8 hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing for Owen.

Owen Douglas Clift was born June 19, 2009 at 11:45 am
He weighed 8 lb 4 oz and was 20 inches long.
He has tiny blue eyes and blonde hair. He's perfect :)

Favorite Picture

Well, so far that is!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the up and up

It's been a while since I've posted. My mother asked me why that was last night! :)
Things have been pretty good here. I miss Ady like crazy but I know I would probably be bald if she were here; trying to deal with a newborn and a very energetic 4 year old.
Owen is more aware and more awake everyday. The roughest day our first night home. Owen didn't see the need to go to sleep until 1:30 am and then it was only if he was sleeping in our bed. He did that for 2 nights. Now, he's sleeping for about 4 hour stretches and in his own bed!! Mommy gets much better sleep that way!
Nursing was going well until my milk came in and I became engorged. That was painful. I've been pumping my milk instead. I just can't handle the pain of him nursing. And this way, I'm building up a stash of milk. I need to get to the store for some storage bags so that I can freeze the extra milk.
We've been trying to get out for a little bit everyday so we don't go stir crazy. That would be easier if it wasn't so hot out right now! In the 90's everyday so far. Owen was born just in time!! I would not want to be a 40+ weeks pregnant lady in this heat! Yuck!
I think thats all...I'm going to start work on the whole birth story. But I think breakfast is in need first!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm still here!

Owen was born on Friday June 19, 2009. Things went quickly but they went well. We are doing very well. I'm trying to sleep when he sleeps today since the boy does not like to sleep at night! I'll give a full on birth story post at some point. Until then, know that we are alive, happy, and just getting used to each other!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yeah, I'm still here. I'm still pregnant. Boo. This kid needs to come out!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm still here!! Still pregnant!!
I've spent the last few days waking up and thinking 'maybe today is the day'. It's torture on me. I'm so ready to be done!! So today I woke up and decided to stop thinking about and to stop looking for every possible early since of labor known to woman.
I'm nesting. I woke up this morning and had to get a load of laundry going. For those of you that don't know, I hate doing laundry, so this is a very odd thought for me to have! I think it mostly comes from the fact that I only have a few shirts that fit over my belly now. grrrr....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ady's pool

Since yesterday was a pretty warm day, Ian blew up Ady's pool and filled it with water. Ady was so excited to get in and play...then she stuck her tow in and realized how cold the water was! She would stand it and play with toys but she was not going to sit down in it!
She eventually asked me to put her slide in the pool so she could slide down into the pool! Once again though she refused to actually go down the slide b/c her butt would get wet! Silly girl
Later in the evening, while I was making dinner, she was ready to give it another go.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dr. update

I went to the doctor on Friday. I didn't hear what I wanted to hear; which was that I am going to have this baby this weekend but oh well. He'll show up one day!!
My doctor did tell me that I am a 'loose 1 cm. Last week I was a tight 1 cm" I say boo to that. She said it's good that I made progress. She also told me that I tested the tiniest bit positive for Strep B. So when I go to have this kid and my water breaks, they will start penicillin in my IV. No biggie.
She also told me that I can have sex (blegh), eat spicy food, and drink red raspberry leaf tea, and go walking to try and move things along. I'm drinking my tea. I'm going for walks. I tried to talk Ian into Indian food but he wants Owen to stay put until the 21st. Umm..no. And I bet you can guess where I stand on the trying to have sex thing to get this kid out!!
Ian wants Owen born on the 21st. Not b/c it's Father's Day but b/c its the Summer Solstice. Longest day of the year. Sorry, dear, I don't care. I just want to have an outside babe!! And soon!!!
So next appt is on my due date, Friday. My doctor will be out of town so it will be with one of the midwives again.
I really hope that the next post you see from me is when I've started labor and I'm telling you all that I'm on the way to the hospital!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby purchase

Owen's room is pretty bare. No decoration to speak of really. I randomly ended up on a wedding blog that led me to an Etsy seller that makes Poms. The colors are perfect and these would look really cute hanging above the dresser or crib...

39 Weeks

Let the "Great Wait of 2009" begin. I"ve done the things I wanted to do before I went into labor and Ian finished his presentation (went well, thank youverymuch)
Yesterday, I got my haircut and then ran around town buying Ian stuff that I know he won't get himself for Fathers Day. Last night I went out with Katie, Jen, and Brynn for a little baby shower and last night out! Ian is going to 'Happy Hour' tonight for his last night out. Anyway, last night was good. We sat for hours and talked and talked over way too much food!!
And, we found out that Katie is pregnant with a boy!! She's a bit bummed b/c she really wanted a girl but I'm happy!! Owen will have a playmate!! Yay!
Today I'm going to nap and pack Ady's bag. Then I will just have to wait and maybe even clean my house to try and bring on labor!! :)

I'll take a picture of the goodies from last night later on today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Litter

According to Ady, I'm having a litter.

Last night, she crawled up on my lap and wanted a hug. Ok, no problem kiddo! Then she asked me if she could feel the baby kick so I started poking my tummy a little to see if he would give her a kick. He was very cooperative. Then Ady dropped the bomb.
Ady: Mommy, you have 11 babies in your tummy

Me: *blank stare*

Ady: Yep, 11 in there

Me: Um no Ady...just the one baby. your baby brother

Then she burst into a fit of giggles.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shamless attempt to win something!

Ok..so there is a new blog that I started following just this week. A NYC Housewife In Training. She's rather funny.
She put up a post about a give away on another blog, Fantabulously Frugal. FF is having a giveaway. Great stuff too!! So by doing a post about it, I can get extra entries. I never win anything, but figured hey it's worth a try.
So check it out....


Fill out the entry form and mention me!! :)

Sandbox metldowns!

It rained for two straight days. Do you know what that's like in kid time?? Like, a month! Since it wasn't raining today, I figured it would be a good day for Ady and I to get out of this house for a while. Run an errand and hit the playground so this energy filled kid of mine could run around some.
We got ready. 11:30 hits and Ady flips her 'crazy switch'. She is just bouncing off the walls! We go to Toys R Us to buy a stuffed animal for Owen. (picture at the end) We looked around for one on Sunday and found only one that we liked so Ady and I went back today and bought it. Now we need a name for the guy.
Then I went to Panera to grab a sandwich. Busy Busy Busy!! Ady was still all wound up, of course. But she did compliment a lady on her earrings, which I found funny.
Then we got to the park. I sent Ady off to play while I ate my sandwich and read my book.
Now, there are three types of grandparents that bring their grand kids to the park. Type 1 comes to the park with mom and is there to talk to mom. Mom and gma sit on a bench or table and watch the kids while they talk. Type 2 brings kids to the park alone and follows the kids around the park, watching them play. Then there is Type 3. I loathe Type 3. Type 3 brings the kids to the park and then sits in the car. They will either sit there or talk on the phone and sit there. Can't stand this type. I already said that didn't I?
Anyway, I hear Ady screaming. I get up to see what on earth is going on and find her over in the sand area. There is a little boy there fighting with Ady over a shovel. Another mom is there trying to ask the boy where his g-pa is. He's sitting in the car. The lady told me that Ady was playing and the boy just walked up and is trying to take the shovel she was playing with. I told her to give him the shovel since she had one in each hand. After that, I decided to hang around and keep an eye on things. After a couple of minutes Ady calms down and is playing. Not terribly nicely but well enough that she isn't crying or making another kid cry. Then a little guy gets to the park. He might have been 18 months old. Like I said, little guy. Ady takes a shovel and sand and pours it on his head!!! I was shocked!! I made her apologize to the baby, who luckily didn't react at all, and we left. She was mad of course b/c she 'likes being naughty' and wanted to play more. Sheesh.
It's nap time. I hope she sleeps...I could use some sleep myself.

Now, for the picture. Here is the hippo sitting in Owen's crib on the boppy pillow. cover made by my sister. :P
Any suggestions for a name?

Mom, I blame you!

The other day, I was talking to my mom and she asked me how I was sleeping. Pretty good I said! I sleep on my back mostly. She was shocked and told me how when she was pregnant she slept on her side with a pillow under her belly and one between her knees. Well, guess what?
I can't sleep anymore! I have so much trouble turning over is ridiculous! When Ian got up for work this morning I stole his pillow and shoved it under my belly and it was off to la-la land for me!

In other news from last night...
I felt icky. We went to bed and I couldn't sleep b/c my stomach was so upset. Laying down just made me feel worse. I got up a few minutes after being in bed and Ian asked me what was wrong. When I told him my stomach was bothering me he freaked out! he he he. He started telling me I'd better not be in labor! He has his presentation today!! I told him to calm down b/c I knew I was feeling sick from eating so much fried fish at dinner. :)
So after this afternoon Ian is ok if I go into labor. I'd prefer to wait until Wed night. That way I can get my hair cut and my last night out/baby shower with the girls in before I have this baby! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last night we made our way to the very very tiny town of Dover to see Costaki Economopoulos. We went with a group of Ian's co-workers and had dinner at one of his co-workers house before the show. It rained ALL day so we drove the 4 blocks to the bar where the show was. We walked into the bar and it was PACKED! Ian wandered around and managed to find 5 chairs, so only two were left standing!
The opening act wasn't very good. At least thats what I thought. I guess the girls husband(??) came on after her and he was a little bit better. But by far, no contest Costaki was the best! He did about an hour long show that had the whole place laughing.
It was a fun night out. Ian insisted that I get my picture taken with the guy since I was the one that was a fan and had wanted to see him! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Awesome Opposum!!

I just got back from the doctor and things are looking really good already!
She checked me and said that I am 1cm, cervix is nice and soft, and Owen's head is 'right there'! I know that none of this means things are going to move quickly or whatever, but I'm just so glad that something is going on down there.
She also warned me that second babies can come much faster than first ones. Fine by me! I was only in labor with Ady for 10 hours and pushed for 40 minutes. I would not remind a repeat of that! Glad we live 5 minutes from the hospital!!
I'll go back next Friday for my next appointment.

*EDIT: I forgot to mention, my blood pressure was 108/60. And the nurse and my doctor were nice enough to not even ask me if I wanted to know my weight!


38 weeks...2 weeks left. Craziness.

I finished up in the nursery yesterday. I opened my breast pump and looked that over. Then I took a nap.

Today, I need to go for a walk.

I'm really excited for my doctors appt this afternoon. Only in late pregnancy does a woman look forward to going to the doctor and putting her feet in stirrups!! So I'll update after my appt and have a picture this evening when Ady gets home!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soo excited!!

It turns out last Saturday will not be mine and Ian's final night out before the baby arrives!! We are going out this Saturday too!! God bless my friend Jen and her willingness to watch Ady!
A couple of weeks ago Ian and I were in the car and heard a commercial that one of my Favorite comedians from the Bob and Tom show, Costaki Economopoulos, is coming to Dover MN and doing a show. I told Ian we should go and he wasn't really interested. Boo on him!!
Yesterday, one of his co-workers that lives in Dover said she was going to get tickets to the show and asked if anyone else wanted her to get them tickets. A bunch of Ian's co-workers said yes, and so did he!! Yay!!

In baby news...one of the many many wives tales out there about being pregnant is that your belly will really start to itch when the baby is starting to drop. Guess what? I can't stop itching my belly this morning!! I hope he's dropping! I hope when I go the doctor tomorrow afternoon she tells me that he has dropped some!!
Cross your fingers for me!

Ady's "Gradulation"

Last fall, Ady's daycare started a preschool program. The plan was that two days a week, the kids would work on a unit. Letters, colors, numbers, animals...the usual preschool stuff plus some sign language. The kids loved it and basically demanded that Becki do 'school' everyday.
Yesterday, they had a little graduation, or gradulation as Ady calls it, for the kids. It was very cute!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mostly a picture post

I've got pictures sitting on my camera that are begging to get on my blog...

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Ian thought this was sooo funny! I'm not so amused!

Pretty toes! I'm in love with the color!

Our salad from dinner last night. Made of baby spinach and broccoli greens from our very own garden!

Grilled pizza we made last night. This was my pizza with rotisserie chicken, mushrooms, tomato, and cheese. It was pretty good..even if it does look weird.

Now, I'm going to take a nap. I'm 37+ weeks pregnant..my days of sleeping are very very limited. Then I will organize drawers in the nursery and get cleaned up for Ady's "gradulation" this afternoon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I forgot to mention..

two things.
1. This kids favorite spot to hang out in my ute is with his butt firmly wedged under my right ribs. I'm very very ready for him to drop!!
2. We ate a piece of cake from the top tier of our wedding cake last night. For year old cake that's been hanging out in the freezer, it wasn't too bad!

Today's update

Ady went to a yoga class this morning. I think she had fun. She says she had fun, but she won't tell me what she did other than got her face painted and had a snack! :) While she was in class I snuck off to the grocery store and got some fresh veggies so we can make grilled pizza tonight for dinner. Ady has been bugging me for a while to make homemade pizza and everywhere I look lately, I'm seeing recipes for grilled pizza..ok, I get the hint! :)
Ian's grandma called us a couple of weeks ago asking what she could buy us for the baby. I directed her to my registry. She went to Target and tried to buy a walker/bouncer thingy for the baby and they were less than helpful so she just mailed a check and a card telling me what she wanted to buy. On Saturday, we headed for Target to make the purchase. After looking at several of these things side by side we decided on one that was a little bit different and better than the one I had originally picked out.

Hopefully, this little guy will like it in a few months!
I'm slowly, very slowly, getting the nursery organized. I'm trying to organize the drawers right now and that's my top priority this week. It has to get done!!
The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy while we wait for Owen to arrive.
  • Ady has 'graduation' from her preschool program at daycare tomorrow
  • Dr on Thurs. First internal. I'm praying for some change but I know there might not be any change at all
  • Ian has to work again on Saturday
  • Ian has Monday off so he can work on an hour long presentation for a class
  • Next Tues, Ian presents
  • Next Wed, I will have my final haircut before baby arrives
  • Saturday, the 13th, there is a cookout/baby shower for us since no one we know here was around for Ady! :)
  • After that, Owen can arrive at any time!!
Sheesh...busy busy!!