Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A mother's hearing

It was flippin hot last night. We had every window in the house open. It didn't help at all. I live in a town often referred to as the '2nd windy city', behind Chicago. We have a friend from Chicago and he swears the wind if much worse up here. Anyway, I digress. My point is, it wasn't windy last night so sleep was crappy.
When it finally cooled off in the wee hours of the morning good sleep came to visit me. At 5:19 (I checked my cell for the time) I woke up b/c I heard someone yelling 'Mommy!!" My first thought was, 'Yes, Ady I know it's daylight out but it's way way too early to be up!!" I got up and went across the house to the stairs. All was quiet. This is normally where she hears me and would start talking again. Hmmm..Ok..not my child yelling for mommy.
Get this...the nearest kid is 2 houses away. Ian was sound alseep and had no idea I even go up, let alone that some child wanted her mommy.

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