Sunday, August 30, 2009

At mom's request

My mom asked me today if I've written anything new on here. Nope. I'm too dag-gone tired.
I guess I'll recap the weekend.
On Friday, I deposited my first paycheck (woo-hoo!!) Then once Ian got off work we went to WalMart and bought the things we needed to paint the bathroom ceiling to get rid of that nasty mold, once and for all! Ian and I watched Gran Tornino Friday night too. Excellent movie. A great way for Eastwood to finish his career.
Saturday came way way too fast. After having breakfast Ian got started on the bathroom and I got to laundry, cleaning the office, and cleaning the kitchen. Owen was a bit cranky and wanted to be held alot through the day. Meaning, it took me forever to get the laundry done!
Saturday night Ian went with some co-workers to a 'going away' type cookout for an ex-coworker that is moving to Chicago. While Ian did that, Ady and I had a gourmet dinner from Burger King ;) and watched Wall-E. That is such a great movie!! Then it was off to bed for us!!
Sunday, too, came way too soon. Owen didn't sleep well at all and I was up at 5:45 to get ready for work. I was at work by 6:30 this morning. Ick. I spent the next 6 hours there. Good grief. Ian said Owen was fussy all day again. (Which I got to witness first hand all night once I got home).
I hope that I'm not going to make a habit of being at work for 6 hours every Sunday. Yes, the overtime will be nice, but I like to sleep and see my family and have a couple of days off!!
I'm thankful for the job, but I'm equally, if not more, thankful to know that it's only temporary.
Ok, time to write a large check for daycare this week and then I'm off to bed!!
Night night everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My little thumb sucker

Owen has been trying to get his thumb in his mouth since day one. Until last night the best he could do was getting the side of his hand in there. And that didn't satisfy him! I walked into the living room last night to see him with one finger up his nose and his thumb placed squarely in his mouth. He was quite happy!

In other news, I'm wiped. I worked late yesterday and then came home and made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, bathed two kids, got Ady and Owen off to bed. I was ready for bed before they were!!
Today, was a bit better. I got off work on time so that helps. I hope I can get some extra sleep today too!
I booked a pedicure party for my friend Katie's 'baby shower' next month. The poor girl is getting pretty miserable and she isn't due until the end of October. I hope her 'baby shower' makes her feel a bit better!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A quiet day

It's my day off. My only day off. Oh well. I actually kinda like my job. And I don't even really mind dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 every morning. I pretty much got used to that when Owen arrived. I really like getting off of work at 2:30. Anyway..
Ian and Ady are on a canoe trip today with Ian's co-worker Karey and her giant dog Dre. I wish I could have gone but hard to do with a baby and the canoe's are $35 and if I went, that would have meant we needed two canoes. Oh well. Owen and I are going to hang out and make Peanut Butter Carmel bars. Yum. Stay tuned to the cooking blog for opionions.
Oh! There is this blog that I follow, Misadventures of Mrs. Newlywed, and the other day she talked about her budget. I was intrigued and wondered how she did it. A budget is something we have talked about and talked about but never implemented. Mainly b/c we could never figure out a good way to create one. Mrs. Newlywed posted an entry today saying that she will share her spreadsheet. I immedienatly sent her an email requesting my very own copy! I love Excel and spreadsheets and all the cool things you can do with them!
So, now I'm sitting here anxiously waiting for a new email! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The smell lingers

Yesterday was a bad bad day. Ian told me I could go shopping after work to get a new pair of jeans for work. I went. I bought a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a dress (on clearance). Then I came home and cried.
Yep. I went shopping and then I cried.
Since I've gone back to work, I've decided to stop pumping milk for Owen. I'm just ready to be back to 'me'. Well yesterday was very very painful in the boob area! Talk about engorgement!
On top of that, work was stressful yesterday. I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the reports and numbers that I'm going to be responsible for.
Anyway, the night got better. I actually had a chance to sit down for a while and just do nothing.
Today was a much better day. Owen didn't even wake up until almost 6 this morning!! Yay! Good job baby!
I'm starting to understand my job quite a bit more. After my morning break, I went to orientation. BORING!! 2.5 hours of videos. blech. After, I was sent back to the office through the plant. They are running corn 24/7 right now. Holy cow..the smell. ick! I can still smell it. It made me feel like I was back home driving down Hwy 25 into Lafayette.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Survived the first day

The first day wasn't so bad. There is a lot of papers to keep track of and reports to generate but I'm confident that once I get into a groove and get the chance to really read the reports, I'll feel better about what I'm doing! Sometime this week I have to go through orientation at the plant; even though most of it doesn't pertain to me. I will not be out on the floor so I don't really need to worry about lifting heavy stuff. Lets see...what else..right now they are running cream style corn, whole kernel corn, and frozen corn, along with green bean. They switched to corn last week from peas and that switch added 3-500 more employees. The plant is running in 12 hour shifts. I heard one worker worked 20 hours in one day. craziness!! These extra employees are mostly migrant or temporary workers. Apparently, Senecca has apartments that they will rent them as well. For the crazy price of $50 a week.
In other news.
I headed to bed as early as I could last night. I'm sure I will be doing the same thing until this job is over. Ady woke up at 1:45 and needed some help so after she was taken care of I assumed Owen would be up soon since he is usually up around 2 for a bottle and diaper change. I woke up at 5:30 when my alarm went off and realized that Owen never woke up!! He slept through the night!! I hope he keeps this up!
The night before I was to return to work after I had Ady, she slept through the night for first time. Owen did the same thing. How ironic is that??

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Please, put me out of my misery

Yesterday, Katie called me and asked if I wanted to go to a few garage sales with her to look at baby stuff. Sure! So I got the kids and myself ready to go and we went and got Katie. We found some good stuff! I didn't even spend $20 either. I got a super cute, brand new dress for Ady.
Last night, Ian was saying that he needed to workout but really didnt feel like it. I told him he should do the 30 shred with me.
There we were in the living room...Ian, Ady and I doing the shred. Ian was sore right after and is still sore this morning. I woke up feeling fine and then by the time I sat down to eat some breakfast I felt like I was going to die. My legs are weak and my stomach and head are killing me.
I went back to bed and slept for several more hours. I felt a bit better after that. Well enough to go with Ian to take Ady and Owen to the park. Now I'm back to feeling awful. I just want to sleep.
I'm going to eat some lunch and probably sleep again

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Desicion made

I'm going to start the job at Seneca on Monday but I'm going to apply for the ILL position at the library. I just can't walk away from that job.

30 Day Shred

I just let Jillian Michaels kick my ass in the form of her 30 Day Shred workout. I'm sweaty and my legs burn. So I guess it works. I bet I really feel it tomorrow!!

Decisons Decisions...

I was offered the job that I interviewed for yesterday. I accepted the job. And then I cried. I don't really want this job. The hours SUCK!! I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning 6 DAYS A WEEK!!! The pluses of the job are:
  • It's casual..I get to wear jeans
  • I would be getting a couple months of accounting experience
  • That experience would open other doors for accounting jobs
The cons:

  • I would have to be up at 5:30 in the morning, six days a week. I will not be a happy person!
  • My heart is now and always will be in a library.
  • Huge day care bill
Oh yeah..I haven't mentioned that part. After I accepted the job and all of that, I checked my email and there was a notice about 2 open positions at the public library. One working the desk and one working ILL. I loved my job when I have worked at a library.
So here we go again...
The pros:
  • In a library, where I ultimately want to be
  • working either ILL or the desk, both places I love to be
  • Much Much better hours
  • being up to date on what books are out there
  • more time with Ady and Owen since they would only be in day care part time
The cons:
  • Dress will probably be business casual, so no jeans. I don't fit into my dress clothes yet. So I would probably have to get some new clothes.
  • The pay isn't enough to cover the expenses that we will have
  • Its only part time and temporary
So there's my pickle for the day. I'm going to call the library and ask some question. Like how temporary is last job was temp and I worked there for darn near 2 years. Is there a chance for full time???

So many questions....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with a side of sleepy

Ady was up a lot last night. She had wet the bed the night before so she wanted to wear her Pull-ups last night. Knowing that I had to get up at 5:30 this morning, I said ok. Around 10, Ady came walking into our room telling us that she had wet the bed. We said ok, change your pull-up. She was insistant that the bed was wet. Ian got up with her and showed that her bed was perfectly dry. Owen hadn't fallen asleep yet so I went in with him and gave him a bottle and got him down for the night.
Around 2 am, Ady comes into our room again and this time she tells me that she was sitting on the steps waiting for it to be light outside and she peed. This didnt go very well for her. She found herself in trouble for 1, being out of bed waiting for morning and 2. for not getting up and going to the bathroom. So I put her back to bed and then pumped and then fed Owen again.
Before I know it my alarm is going off. I could hear Owen waking up too. So I got him up and dressed for the day and then passed him off to Ian.
Everyone got dressed and out the door at around 7. I took Ady and Owen to Becki's. I was good and didn't cry when I left Owen...but I cried every time I fed him last night.
I went to the company I had the interview with. The girl behind the desk went to get the lady I was there to speak with. Instead, she came back and told me that they weren't expecting me until 8. Great. So I went out to the car and waited. A few minutes later there is a lady at my window waving her arms. I guess there was a big mix up with Express on what time I was to be there. Some thought 8, some thought 10, I was told 7:30. Sheesh...
The interview went pretty well. It's a factory so no A/C. It was pretty warm in there! But the good news is that they are casual dress. I can wear my jeans and capris!! Thank goodness b/c I was freaking out over what to wear since my dress clothes don't really fit me yet! The job is six days a week. Not too thrilled over that but the plus side is that it isnt just me working six days a week. The whole place is doing that. The factory floor is working 12 hour shifts too. Ick. Anyway, I'd be helping out with cost acct. (yay..thats much better than managerial acct) and some payroll as well. When not doing that it would be filing and what not.
They can give me a place to pump so Owen will still be able to get breast milk for the foreseeable future. Again, yay. And they can allow me a couple of days off to get Ady to my parents or whatever that ends up being.
So all in all, it sounds ok. It'll be hard working 8 hour days that start at 7 in the morning, but with help from Ian and Ady, I think we can make it work.
Now, I just have to wait a couple of days to hear the verdict. But I have a good feeling about it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 month check up

I took Owen in this morning for his 2 month well-baby check up and to get his first real round of shots. (He had the Hepatitis B in the hospital). We were called back pretty quickly and had him weighed and measured. Then we sat and sat. The doctor didnt come in until nearly 11:30. He finally came in and told me congratulations. :) I asked him about Owen's congestion and he said that if it isn't bothering Owen the we really shouldn't worry about it, and there isn't much then can do about it. There aren't any membranes blocking his nasal passage so he told me to use the suction bulb thingy or get some drops called "Ocean Spray" to help clear out his nose. Oh and we can elevate his head while he sleeps to help him out. Mostly, it's probably bothering us more than it is Owen.
Then the nurse came in. The first vaccine was oral and Owen slurped that down without any trouble. Then he was given three different shots. Poor baby cried but as soon as it was done and he could get back into my arms, he was good to go! :)

In other news, I had an interview with Express Employment set up for tomorrow. Well, the lady I was to meet with, Tanya, called me and said she has an open acct position that will be good for someone without experience (aka, ME) so I'm going in this afternoon when Ian gets off of work for an interview instead! Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wow. That felt great!

Ian let me sleep in this morning. I brought Owen into bed with us around 6:30 or 7. Then Ady got up. She was happy to watch Spanish cartoons on PBS. Owen fell asleep next to me. Ian got up at some point and I slept next to Owen until almost 10:00!!!
I was a very happy mommy when I finally got up!

**Edit*** Owen wakes up for his first feeding somewhere between 1:30 and 2:30. Some weekends I'll wake Ian up to take the first one, and sometimes I'll take the first one and leave the second one for Ian. I heard Owen screaming so I got up (I was shocked I didn't just hear him fussing) I walked into his room and actually gasped when I saw Ian sitting in the rocker feeding Owen!!!
Ian has never and I mean never, not in the entire history of our two kids, woken up when a baby/child is crying before me!! Let alone get out of bed, into the nursery, change a diaper, and sit down and start feeding before I get up!!
I was really really tired!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How much does it cost to have a baby at Mayo Clinic?

The answer is...*drumroll*.....$12,215.79! That is the bill for both Owen and I. Not too bad considering this was all done at the 2nd best hospital in the country. Oh, and that $12 grand includes all of my doctors appointments. Basically everything from the time I found out I was pregnant until my check-up on Tuesday. Our portion is only $1,200, which is less than what we had prepared to pay. Yay!
I told Ian that we got the bill in the mail yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't freak at the numbers. He just said, "Ok. Not too bad, Only 10%'.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For Cooper

When Ian, Ady and I went to Indiana back in March I was lucky enough to meet up with my wonderful fabulous friend Liann (but I call her Cooper). She bought Owen this adorable little outfit and couldn't wait for him to wear it. That day is here.
Here he is this morning when I changed him! :)

Check up

I had my six week postpartum check up yesterday. Everything is just peachy! My doctor told me that it looks like I've never even had a know, down there. And even better news, since I've never had an abnormal pap smear, I only have to have those lovely things every two years now! YAY!!
So she gave me my prescriptions for the mini-pill while I'm still pumping milk for Owen and a prescription for the regular pill when I'm ready to stop being a cow for my boy. :)

In other news, my friend Jen got her new used car yesterday, a Saab. Its a stick shift. She knows my love for them and allowed me to drive it! Oh the joy! It was fabulous. I was a bit nervous at first b/c she told me it was pretty stiff to shift and I hadn't driven a stick in many years. I drove that car like butter! So smooth, you wouldn't even know I was driving a stick! I was that good!! :)

Oh! Ady got rave reviews from camp yesterday. Her leader even wrote me a note telling me how well Ady did and what a sweet kid she is! Score!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Camp, Day 1

Ady started a week of nature camp at Quarry Hill today. She was beyond herself with excitement this morning and couldn't wait for lunch time when I was going to pick her up form Becki's. On the way to Quarry Hill, I went over the rules with her for the one millionth time. Listen to your leaders, be a good girl, talk quietly, play nice with the other kids..and yada yada.
I went to pick her up today and when I was signing her out her leader told me that they had behavioral problems with her. Great. I asked what had happened and she told me that when they went outside Ady just ran away from her group. Fabulous. Then when they came inside Ady wouldn't stop talking, making it difficult for activites to move on.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is much better!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


While Ian's parents where here we made Cubana sandwiches and they were so fabulous that I've made mini versions twice since they left! So I figured I should share.
Heat oven to 350.
Get yourself a crust loaf of bread. (Not sliced) Like french or Italian. We used day old bread form Jimmy Johns b/c Ian is obsessed with it's cheapness.
You will also need a selection of your favorite sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, foil, two cookie sheets, and a cast iron skillet. For fillings we used ham, turkey, green peppers, onions, and cheese. The cheese is a must!
Anyway, slice your bread open but don't go all the way through. Think of it like a book! :) Spread mayo on both sides of the bread. Add your favorite sandwich toppings and then close up your sandwich and wrap in your foil.
Place your sandwich on a cookie sheet and lay the other cookie sheet on top. Place your cast iron skillet on top so that it presses the sandwiches together.
Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!

Yard Games 2009

Yesterday after Ian got off of work, we attended the 1st Annual, 2009 Yard Games hosted by our friends Brynn and Karey. We all chose a country to represent, we were Barbados since we had t-shirts from there!
We arrived a little bit late, but I don't think we really missed anything. The first game to be played was running around the fire pit and then spinning on a bat 10 times and then running back to where you started. After the first heat the game was changed. One of the 'athletes' fell on the bricks of the fire pit after spinning on the bat and hurt her arm pretty badly. Many thought it was broken and she went to the ER to have it checked out! So the new game was you had to run to a chair, sit down, squeeze a potato between your legs and then walk backwards to the start line and drop your potato into a bucket. Ian managed to do it and after three tries I never did get that darn potato into it's basket!
Up next was the egg toss. We didn't do too bad with this one. Until Ian didn't throw the egg far enough to reach me, that is! Brynn threw her egg too far and it landed on the roof of their shed!
Next was the water balloon toss. I'm still not very clear on the rules of that one but I know that in the end we lost and my foot was all wet!
Then came my least favorite game. One partner puts shaving cream on their face in the shape of a goatee and their partner has a squirt gun to clean it off. I had to wear the shaving cream and Ian was not nice about putting it on me! So I took what was left in my hand and smeared it all over the side of his head! HA! We won that game though! All the kids loved playing in the shaving cream and covering poor Joe's entire head with the stuff!
The final game was either yard golf or bags, depending on when your name was called. Luckily, we got bags. Bust we still lost. Oh well.
We had a good time.
Owen was passed around to all the girls at the party. I think he spent about 30 minuted napping in his car seat and the rest of the time someone had him. Everyone thought he was just as sweet as could be, of course!