Thursday, May 21, 2009

36 weeks!

Helllooo Month 9! I'm soo very happy to see you! The last two days have been torture on a pregnant lady! Over 90 both days..very very hot! I wanted to just lay around in nothing all day but I don't think my neighbors would have liked that! :) And Ian wouldn't let me turn the A/C on. He said it's not that bad in here! It was over 80 in the house! Too hot for me! Luckily, today is going to be much better. It rained at some point this morning and it's only going to be in the mid-70's today. Yay!

My allergies are getting better. I'm still taking Claritin everyday, but I'm not so zombie like from it. I can breath at night now since I've started taking the meds in the early evening. The downside? I'm getting nose bleeds. Fun! They don't last long or anything but they still suck. I'll get one every couple of days. Oh well.

I looked at the calendar today and noticed that I will be 38 weeks when I go to the Dr next! How crazy is that?! Ian is thrilled I've managed to avoid a bunch of appointments!

Ian has tomorrow off so Ady is going to go to daycare and Ian and I are going to enjoy a day together. I think we plan to see 'Wolverine' It will be the last movie we see for a long long time, which makes me sad since the new Harry Potter is out in July! I've seen every single one of them in the theater. I even made Ian take me to see one of them while I was in Seattle to see him! :) We saw it at an Imax theater! Tres cool.

Since Ian has to work all weekend long and on Memorial day, he has Tues off. I'm trying to talk him into us doing something special with Ady since, again, it will be the last time it's just her. After this there will be a baby brother in tow. I'd love to take her to an aquarium but the closest real one is in Duluth and thats way too far for my to travel and would require hotels and such. There is one at the Mall of America but the cost to get into the thing is ridiculous! So maybe the Children's Museum? It's one of the top in the country, but I just can't get excited about that since I grew up with the best one in the country. I haven't sold Ian on the idea yet, so we'll see.

Let's see...what else....
Oh. I bought some nursing tanks from Target a while back. I tried one of them on last night. Yeah, I had a lot of trouble getting it over 'the girls'. I don't think that is going to work when 'then girls' are bursting with milk. I'll have to go to Target and see if they carry them in store here. And go to Walmart to find some comfy lounge pants I've been reading about on thebump.

Ok, so today's goal list. (It really worked for me yesterday, so we'll try it again today! )
  • Put away Ady's laundry
  • make beds
  • sew up baby blanket
  • final load of baby clothes
  • start packing hospital bag
I think thats enough for today. Especially when you through in potential trips to Target and Walmart.

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