Friday, May 15, 2009

I woke up at some point in the wee hours of the morning to make a trip to the bathroom. (For the sake of my bladder and my nose!) From that point on, Ian and I were awake, for the next several hours. sucky. Ady was up before 7 because 'it's morning mommy. the sun is out" Really annoying how smart that kid is sometimes!!
Anyway, last night while Ian and I just layed around awake, I had about 3 braxton hicks contractions. I have no memory of having those when I was pregnant with Ady. Then again, I didnt even believe I was actually in labor until I got to the hospital and they told me so.
My point is, I think that this time around, I'm going to be a lot more anxious about going into labor b/c I know what to actually look for. I fear that with every contraction I have when I'm actually close to my due date, I'll be wondering 'Oh! Is this it???"

In other news, Ian is going to try to pick up a chest freezer tonight when he gets off of work. Then I will have the task of filling it with food that we can eat after I have this baby so we can avoid going out for every meal because there is no way I'm cooking! Then Ian is going out with a bunch of people from work. He deserves it. I don't remember the last time he went out and he won't be going out again for a long time. But it still sucks to know that i'm going to be sitting here alone all night. Oh well. Ady and I will have to find something fun for dinner tonight. Any ideas??

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