Sunday, May 10, 2009

Name update

I don't really know how many people out there 'follow' me with this blog, but I've changed the name of the blog and decided to change the web address as well. I figured I should get my actual name outta there. So, if you have me bookmarked or something, change it. The new web addy is :


  1. Why'd you change the name? And what is the significance of this name?

  2. Liann....even I can figure that one out!!!
    Corn stalks are for Indiana & Salmon is for Alaska....Right Liddia?

  3. lol...yes thats right. I grew up with corn in my backyard and Ian grew up with Salmon in his backyard. :)
    I changed the name b/c I was bored and wanted a 'better' name!

  4. Oh :(
    I guess I wasn't thinking about salmon being alaska.

  5. What??!?! How could you not think salmon and Alaska??? Alaska is the only place to get really good, worth eating Salmon!! I miss it.