Monday, May 18, 2009

Colors of the Wind

Ady had her dance recital on Sunday. She did a good job of doing her dance on stage. I've seen her do the routine many times and sometimes she is so excited about everything going on around her, that she doesn't pay attention to her routine. On Sunday she did great!

We got ready to go and dropped Ady off so she could be backstage during the show. Ian and I bought Ady a flower to give to her after the show and found our seats. They were pretty good seats. The show was over 2 hours long and it was fun to see all the different classes and levels of dance. I don't think Ian enjoyed it as much as I did though! We were told no flash photography when we got there, so we tried to take some pictures without the flash, but they didnt turn out very well :\

We picked Ady up after the show and her face was filthy!! Somehow, she had managed to find some dirt backstage! Next stop was Dairy Queen for an ice cream reward. I think Ady ate about 5 bites of her sundae before she decided she was done. Oh well!

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