Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life's little update

Mara is somehow 8 weeks old now. My time off work with her has flown by. Mara is a wonderful little baby and is so east going. She will usually go to sleep by 11 or so and she sleeps until 5:30. I think that will work out ok.
Monday I go back to work. I'm ready. I'll certainly miss all my cuddles and snuggles with Mara, but it will be nice to be working again. There have been some major changes at work since I've been gone so it's sure to be interesting !
Ian has been awesome while I've been on maternity leave. He gets the kids up every morning and gets them ready for school/day care. I would have been lost without him this time! I just hope it keeps up when I go back to work on Monday
Mara and I went to the doctor today so I could have my final exam with the midwives. She said I'm looking fantastic and I've healed well. I only have nine pounds to go to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. But i'd like to looses bit more than that! While I wa there she put an IUD in for me so no more babies for this momma! Although Ian is already talking about number four. Heck he was doing that when Mara was only minutes old!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mara Ruth

Here is story of how Mara Ruth entered the world:

We went to bed on the 5th and I just had a feeling that it would be last time I went to bed pregnant. I woke up to my first contractions at 3:08 am. I went to the bathroom and then laid back down in bed for about an hour, timing them. My first contractions were already coming about 5-6 minutes apart and lasting from 30 seconds to a minute. Around 4, I decided I should go ahead and get up an in the shower. Ian noticed the bathroom light on and called out to me, so I went back into the bedroom and told him that he would not be going to his Monday morning lab meeting. He asked me if I was in labor and I told him that yes I was. I headed for my shower and told him to go ahead and try to sleep some more.
Ian did get up while I was in the shower and by that point, I was already having some trouble talking through my contractions. We discussed when we should call my friend Jen to watch the kids or did I think I could wait until it was time to take the kids to daycare before we left for the hospital. At the time, I was hoping to take the kids to day care.
At quarter to five I remembered that Jen had started taking an early morning workout class that started at 5:30. I sent her a text and warned her that she may not be able to go that day!
After talking to Jen, I called the hospital and asked them if I should come in. My contractions where close together but they weren’t lasting more than about 30 seconds. The secretary on the phone told me to go ahead and come in. I called Jen again and told her to head on over!
Jen arrived at the house by 5:45 and Ian and I were on our way out the door by 10 to 6. I called my mom our way to the hospital and told her the news. She wished me luck and told me to call her when I could.
We arrived at the hospital and I had to pause at the car to breath through a contraction before we headed inside. We went straight upstairs and I was put into a triage room. Ian went to move the car and I started to change into a hospital gown.
While I was doing that, a midwife, Laurel, came in and told me that she was finishing up her 24 hour shift at 7 am but she would stay with me since there were currently three midwife patients on the floor. She also mentioned to me that it had been completely quiet the night before. Not one baby. I suggested it was because the babies knew better than to be born on Super Bowl Sunday! J
Laurel checked me and said I was at a good five and my cervix was just melting away in her hand. She didn’t waste time hooking me up to the monitors, she moved me to a labor room. By now, it’s only a little after 6. Ian is getting my bags into the room while Laurel gets me settled and tried to hook the monitors up to me. I told her I didn’t want to lie down; it was easier to handle the contractions if I could walk about some. She asked me if I was going to go natural or if I wanted the epidural. I told her I was very interested in an epidural!
I was then told that anesthesia was with another woman but I was next in line. My contractions where so fast and painful I was worried I wouldn’t get the epidural on time. I was also feeling very hot and thirsty. Ian kept giving me ice and keeping cold rags on my neck and forehead. What sweet relief!
I asked Laurel if I would have time to get the epidural she told me she didn’t think so. I was moving too fast. But she told me I could have a spinal instead.
I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom so Ian helped in there. At this point I was in so much pain I just started crying. I tried to sit down and go to the bathroom but it just hurt too much. I told Ian I was afraid I wouldn’t get an epidural. He assured me that anesthesia would be there soon. Luckily, he was right! When we left the bathroom, two very nice men in scrubs were waiting on me.
Laurel asked me if I wanted to try sitting on a birthing ball. One had been set up at the end of the bed and was ready for me. I straddled it and tried to sit down with the doctor explained the risks on a spinal to me and started to insert my IV. As soon as I sat down on the ball I felt incredible pressure. I stood right back up and my water broke! It was everywhere!! I told my midwife that my water had broke (you know, in case she hasn’t noticed) The very next second I was pushing!! I didn’t even think about it, just started pushing. Laurel told me her head was ‘right there’. I had been given a pillow to put under my arms at the end of the bed and I’m so glad. I screamed and grunted into that pillow. My IV was finally in and I remember the nurses being told to quickly push a bag of fluids through me. In one push I had her head out. What sweet relief. But there was still a lot of pressure. Laurel asked me to stop pushing for a second and I told her I couldn’t. She just said, ok, we’ll work through it. One more tiny push and my baby girl was out!! I was told to go ahead and crawl into the bed so they could give me Mara. I did so as the nurse pulled my drenched socks off of me. Ian cut the cord and I was given my brand new baby. I told everyone I was glad she was so small. The midwife and nurses laughed at me and told me my baby wasn’t very small! While I snuggled my new ‘not so little’ baby I asked my midwife how badly I’d torn. I mean, I just stood at the end of a hospital bed and pushed a baby out in two pushes! She quickly checked me and told me there wasn’t even on little tear!! You’re kidding me??! I was THRILLED!
That’s pretty much it. Mara Ruth was born at 6:55 am and was 8lb 5 oz, 21 in long.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nesting, nesting,nesting

Im 37 weeks and 3 days
This weekend we ran up to the cities to return a frame to IKEA that was too big before the baby gets here. For some reason, we decided to be brave and let Owen wear underwear. I was a nervous wreck on the way up there. Our first stop was an estate sale. Ian and day went in while Owen and I hung out in the car. They came back with a pile of books and a couple of other trinkets. Ian was happy with his books but a little shocked at how much it cost him. Oh, Owen was still dry!
Our next stop was lunch! Nothing fancy, just Chili's. We stopped off at Target and I got Ady some much needed shoes! Two pairs, one dress and one everyday pair, for only $11!! Score!! We also picked her up a new bookbag. I had a very very hard time walking past a new quilt for our bed. The one on our bed has been there since we got married. I'm ready for a change!
See, that's been my thing lately. Change. Last weekend we went to Ikea for some frames because well, we had some stuff to frame. Ian thought I was half crazy, but I had a piece of scrapbook paper that I wanted to frame. I love it! It's in our living room and looks so good!
Anyway, back to this weekend. We finished up at Target and headed for Ikea. Holy cow. What a zoo! We returned our frame and headed into the madness. Now I could easily spend all day in there but with a husband and two tired kids in tow, it was a quick trip. We picked up a new lamp for the nursery, some light bulbs, and a little footstool for Owen.
When we got home, I set about putting scrapbook paper on letters for the nursery. No, I won't show you pictures mom. :) you'll just have to wait like everyone else.
Today I woke up with the strongest urge to paint the office. I want to paint it gray and put up orange and cream curtains. Sadly, I dont have any paint on hand nor do I think I could have convinced Ian painting was a good way to spend the day. Ha ha. Instead I made waffles for breakfast. Then cleaned the kitchen. Ian put the crib together for me and we put up the nails for her name to be hung. I got the guest room ready and did laundry. Also, Ady and I went to the store and JoAnn Fabrics to get a pillow for another project I'm wanting to do. I don't remember the last time I had this much energy!!
Maybe it's a sign? I'll go into labor a little bit early??? Please??

Oh and Ian made a great dinner tonight... Actually we all helped, but Ian did most of it. He made baked ziti with homemade breadsticks. The breadsticks were great!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rants of a 37 week pregnant lady

In lieu of my semi-usual weekly pregnancy update, I'm just going to vent a little bit here. Being 37 weeks pregnant, i think I deserve that. :)

  • I hate pants. They are evil and uncomfortable. Everyday I can't wait to get home and put on comfy pj pants or my yoga pants.
  • Same goes with bras. hate them. Can't wait to remove it when I get home.
  • I'm over being pregnant. Yup. I'm done. Ian keeps telling me we need to have more. No way. This lady is done!!
  • I'm so sick of my back hurting and not being able to sleep well at night. I can't wait to be able to move easily again!
  • Picking things up off of the floor...yeah, not happening. A business card has been on the floor next to my desk all week simply b/c I can't bend over to pick the dumb thing up. Good grief.
Ok, I'll say a few good things.
  • Best money I've ever spent has been on a bi-weekly cleaning service during this pregnancy. It has been such a life saver to not have to worry about cleaning the house on top of everything else in life. 
  • And I've totally blanked on the other 'good' things I was going to write. Oh well. I'll think of them at 2am.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Due Date: February 9, 2012!

Weight Gain:30. ick. but Oh well.

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton hicks contractions. They've really ramped up this last week.

Cravings: tea. My appetite is pretty much gone. The tiniest amount of food has me feeling full, so I'm mostly after liquids

Aversions: Big meals and sitting at my desk all day long

Sleep: Sleep...hmm, I love sleep but it's rough.

I am loving: Since I had five days at home with the kids before it was back to work/school, I decided to tackle potty training. Owen took to it so well! He's had few accidents. We are so proud of him! Also, Owen is a "boy"now. No longer a baby. Boy does he get mad if you imply he is a baby! :)

I miss: comfy sleep!

I am looking forward to: not being pregnant! Lol. I'm done!

I'm spazzing about: getting things organized at work

Best thing about this week: we'll get to see some friends this weekend

Milestones:35 weeks. 35 days left. All her clothes are washed. The nursery has been cleaned, I just need to organize it some more

Movement: I'm pretty sure she is head down now. I'm kicked in the ribs quite often now! :)

It's a...: Little Lady!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

32 Weeks

Your baby's the size of a squash!
Still growing, your baby weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches.
Your baby at 32 weeks
  • She's getting ready for her descent -- she's likely in the head-down position now.
  • And she's probably feeling a even more cramped.

Due Date: February 9, 2012!

Weight Gain:30. ick. but Oh well.

Symptoms: Baby isn't the only one that's feeling more cramped! Momma is too! I have a hard time stretching out now. Breathing is becoming more labored too!

Cravings: grapes and clementines! yum yum

Aversions: chasing two kids around. :)

Sleep: Sleep...oh sleep. I haven't slept well the last couple of night and I'm about to spend the next week or so in a bed that isn't mine! I'm nervous about that! Hope that I can sleep well again soon!

I am loving: Ady got to feel the baby move the other night. She declared that the baby was trying to get out!

I miss: comfy sleep!

I am looking forward to:Christmas! I think the kids are going to be thrilled with their gifts this year!

I'm spazzing about: getting everything ready for baby. The nursery need to be cleaned and I haven't even started doing her laundry yet!

Best thing about this week: vacation!!

Milestones:passed my GD test. Baby can still roll around but soon she will get 'locked in' to her head down position. And I'll start going to the midwife more often now.

Movement: She's discovered my ribs!

It's a...: Little Lady!

Clift update

My mom pointed out to me that I should stop 'seeing red' (see last post) and update my blog! I guess she's right! I've 'forgiven' the husband for leaving me for a week to go to DC. :) So what's happened since then....
  • we had a great turkey day. Brother-in-law came down from AK to see a friend and spend the holiday with us. 
  • I attempted to grill our turkey this year. Didn't work out like I'd hoped. We couldn't get the grill hot enough. But it gave the turkey a great flavor for being on the grill about an hour. 
  • I braved Black Friday so that I could purchase a new camera! I didn't get the camera I set out to buy, but I couldn't be happier with our new Canon Powershot 300!
  • All the Chirstmas shopping is done! All the gifts are wrapped and mailed or waiting to be loaded into the van for our trip home!
  • Owen has started three word sentences. last night he said 'dad, hurt me!" when Ian was tickling him too hard! That's one for the memory books! :)
  • Ady is becoming a little book worm! Yay! 

That's about it I think.  When the holiday's are over, I will switch gears and focus on getting everything ready for the arrival of our little bundle. :)