Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

I shouldn't wait this long between posts when we've been so busy. It makes me forget things.
Ian went to work. Boo. Ady and I...what did we do? See, I told you I forget. I think we just hung around the house maybe? Caught up on housework or something?? Anyway..
Saturday night after Ian got off of work we went to a neighboring town for a blues concert and BBQ from a place called Bob's Smokestack Ribs. Ian fell in love with them last summer and we haven't been able to have them since. We took a couple of my friends along and Ady had a great time dancing to the music.
Ian went to work, again. Ady and I went to the park and had a good time. I read my book, got some sun and watched the kiddo run around and play her little heart out. Oh and we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and the grocery store. I went to BB&B b/c I had a 20% off coupon that was about to expire and I wanted to us it on drawer dividers. Ian has yet to make me any, so I'm covered. If he every gets around to making them, I can return the ones I bought!
I made steaks on the grills with bakes potatoes, broccoli and cheese sauce that night for dinner. It was yummy.
Guess where Ian was..yep! at work. Ady and I took my friend Jen and her dog Ella to the park and to lunch. Then we took Ella to the dog park. Ady had a ball playing with the dogs. She played with a Great Dane that was taller than she was! At one point the dog got right up next to her and ended up drooling all over the side of Ady's head! YUCK!! I love spring.summer but it's impossible to keep a kid cleaner longer than the time she is in bed and asleep!
I brought Ady home and we both took a much needed nap. I think she was out before I got down the stairs!! I love those days!
I made a chicken and pasta dish with Havarti cheese on top b/c Ian loves his Havarti. It was OK. Next time I will have to use the cheese to make a sauce of some sort instead of just shredding it on top.
Ian is in class and working on a presentation he has to give just before our newest edition makes an appearance so Ady and I are just hanging at the house.
Dinner...brats or burgers..not sure which yet!

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