Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everyone take a deep breath!

See that title? That's what I need everyone to do for me. Everyone I know is flipping out over the weather and maybe a nasty BioChem final. I understand why everyone is worried. There is a nasty-several-days-long storm headed our way and chances are that we won't be out of town before it hits. But, we are prepared. We have everything we could possibly need. Water, check. Shovel, check. Food, check. Lots of warm clothes, check. Salt, check. Lighter, check. Fire starter, check, and the list goes on from there. You see,  I married me a grew-up-in-the-bush-of-Alaska man. He was taught well about living out there where you have to do everything on your own. I may be the better driver, but in a pinch, he's pretty good to have around! :) What? You thought I married him for his good looks?

Today we leave. Yay! It's finally here. The car is almost packed. Only the last minute tolietries and such are left. I've dropped Ian off for his final and gased up the car and washed the windows and the headlights (the rest of the car could have used it, but really what's the point). Now I need to pack toys for the kids, Owen's food and bottles, and the bathroom stuff and it's all done. Then I will have to try and take a nap. I already know I won't be able to, so, I'll watch 'Die Hard' instead. It's a great Christmas movie! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Splish Splash


6 Months!?!?

There is no way my precious baby boy is already six months old. He was a newborn, like, yesterday!

He is such a happy baby and doing so many fun things now! He is getting really good at sitting and like his toys that squeak the most. This month, he has also discovered his feet. He is always bending over or laying on his back holding onto his feet. I love it! I can't wait until he pulls them into his mouth! He is also getting really vocal. Of course, he will still give you an ear to ear grin just for looking at him or getting him out of his crib!

We went to the doctor yesterday. They gave my baby 4 shots!! Crazy huh?! He was rather grumpy yesterday and I know his chunky monkey thighs are still hurting him but this morning he is back to being his usual giggly self.
Time for stats:
Weight: 20LBS!!(87 percentile) Future Colts lineman, here we come!
Length: 66.80 cm (45 percentile)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, last week I interviewed for the library job. I didn't get it. They called me a couple of days later and told me that they went with a woman that had 5 years management experience. That didn't really surprise me. I knew going into the interview that not having any management experience would be my biggest problem. Oh well. In the end, Ian and I knew that the money wouldn't be enough to make it worth our while.
I have a second interview this Wednesday for some seasonal tax accoutning help. If I get it, it would be nice to be employed for 4 months! The biggest problem is that the interview in on Wed. We leave for IN on Wed. Oh well. We can't leave until after Ian's final exam is over (5 hours long!!) so I don't think we will get on the road before late afternoon. That's ok by us this year. Hopefully the babes will sleep most of the way.
Ian is wanting to make plans for a trip to Alaska this summer since we haven't been back there since we left in early 2007. We are hoping we can all go but after looking at ticket prices, it doesnt seem likely.
Our Christmas shopping is all done. I have a couple of things left to wrap but I'll leave that for Monday when the kids are at daycare! I will also be doing to majority of our packing on Monday too!
Well, that's about it. For those of you in Indiana, we will see you soon!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Blizzard of 2009

Apparently we had our first major snow fall on the same day, two years in a row. How about that.

Starting Tuesday morning and going until mid-day Wednesday, we got about 14 inches of snow and lots of wind and cold weather! It's -7 today. Brrrr.
Yesterday we ventured out to take Ian to work and then the kids and I spent a chilly day inside. As in our house was cold! We picked Ian up and headed to the post office to send some stuff to Ian' parents and then came home. Ian even complained about how cold the house was.
Finally, after the kids were in bed, I looked at the thermostat and it said it was only 63.3 degrees in the house. Well, that explained a lot! Ian looked around and tried to figure out what was going on and eventually made his way outside. Our air intake and exhaust pipes for the heater were clear of snow so he pulled the pipe off and it turns out our darling little Ady had put rocks in the pipe, preventing air from being sucked into the furnace. Awesome. At least it was an easy fix. The heater ran most of the night to warm the house back up but it's nice and toasty now!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Not one but Two. I have two interviews this week. On Monday I have a phone interview with a local Ag financial company to help them out during tax season. So that could give me tax experience but it's only a temp position. Oh well, it would mean money.
The second is on Tues. This one will be a bit of a drag. It's for my dream job basically, a library director, but it's at a library that is a two hour drive (one way) from home. I'm going to go anyway and interview. They would have to offer me a very large amount of money, a laptop, ability to work from home if need be, and a schedule of like 9-3 three days a week. Really unlikley that anyone would agree to that!