Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day with the hubs

Ian has to work all weekend long so I got to spend yesterday with him, since it was his day off. We took Ady to daycare so we could have one last day 'just the two of us'!
When I got back from taking Ady to daycare, Ian and I walked to a couple of garage sales I saw in the neighborhood. We bought Ady a kite at one of them. Now we just need to wait for a windy day!
When we finally got home, my poor feet were swollen and miserable. Ian said the perfect thing. "Lets go get breakfast at the bottom of the hill'. Going to breakfast is my favorite meal to go out for!! After a couple of quick showers, I was eating yummy pancakes!
Ian had been wanted to go to a comic/book store for about a week but our schedule just wouldn't allow the time so we took off for that. Eh, it wasn't anything special. Next on the list was the movie theatre. We saw Wolverine. It was good and Hugh Jackman has a nice butt! :)I liked seeing this history behind Wolverine and look forward to the next one!
Then we were off to a couple of nurseries to buy some flowers and reed grasses for the backyard. So now I have flowers to plant in my flower box today!
We made a quick trip home to get the flowers out of the car and get the seats out of the back b/c our freezer was waiting for us at Lowes. Ian was worried it wouldn't fit in the back of the van. We got (ok, Ian and a guy working at Lowe's) the freezer into the back with TONS of room to spare. Guess he thought it was bigger than it actually was!
We went to Target and bought Ady a little swimming pool, exchanged some nursing tanks for me, and got odds and ends for dinner that night.
We also stopped at a local butcher shop to buy some meat for our new freezer! They were out of what we wanted so Ady and I might go back there this afternoon.
That was about it for yesterday.
Tonight, when Ian gets off of work we are going to a neighboring town for a Blues concert and BBQ! Yum!! Hope it doesn't rain!

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