Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yard Games 2009

Yesterday after Ian got off of work, we attended the 1st Annual, 2009 Yard Games hosted by our friends Brynn and Karey. We all chose a country to represent, we were Barbados since we had t-shirts from there!
We arrived a little bit late, but I don't think we really missed anything. The first game to be played was running around the fire pit and then spinning on a bat 10 times and then running back to where you started. After the first heat the game was changed. One of the 'athletes' fell on the bricks of the fire pit after spinning on the bat and hurt her arm pretty badly. Many thought it was broken and she went to the ER to have it checked out! So the new game was you had to run to a chair, sit down, squeeze a potato between your legs and then walk backwards to the start line and drop your potato into a bucket. Ian managed to do it and after three tries I never did get that darn potato into it's basket!
Up next was the egg toss. We didn't do too bad with this one. Until Ian didn't throw the egg far enough to reach me, that is! Brynn threw her egg too far and it landed on the roof of their shed!
Next was the water balloon toss. I'm still not very clear on the rules of that one but I know that in the end we lost and my foot was all wet!
Then came my least favorite game. One partner puts shaving cream on their face in the shape of a goatee and their partner has a squirt gun to clean it off. I had to wear the shaving cream and Ian was not nice about putting it on me! So I took what was left in my hand and smeared it all over the side of his head! HA! We won that game though! All the kids loved playing in the shaving cream and covering poor Joe's entire head with the stuff!
The final game was either yard golf or bags, depending on when your name was called. Luckily, we got bags. Bust we still lost. Oh well.
We had a good time.
Owen was passed around to all the girls at the party. I think he spent about 30 minuted napping in his car seat and the rest of the time someone had him. Everyone thought he was just as sweet as could be, of course!

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