Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with a side of sleepy

Ady was up a lot last night. She had wet the bed the night before so she wanted to wear her Pull-ups last night. Knowing that I had to get up at 5:30 this morning, I said ok. Around 10, Ady came walking into our room telling us that she had wet the bed. We said ok, change your pull-up. She was insistant that the bed was wet. Ian got up with her and showed that her bed was perfectly dry. Owen hadn't fallen asleep yet so I went in with him and gave him a bottle and got him down for the night.
Around 2 am, Ady comes into our room again and this time she tells me that she was sitting on the steps waiting for it to be light outside and she peed. This didnt go very well for her. She found herself in trouble for 1, being out of bed waiting for morning and 2. for not getting up and going to the bathroom. So I put her back to bed and then pumped and then fed Owen again.
Before I know it my alarm is going off. I could hear Owen waking up too. So I got him up and dressed for the day and then passed him off to Ian.
Everyone got dressed and out the door at around 7. I took Ady and Owen to Becki's. I was good and didn't cry when I left Owen...but I cried every time I fed him last night.
I went to the company I had the interview with. The girl behind the desk went to get the lady I was there to speak with. Instead, she came back and told me that they weren't expecting me until 8. Great. So I went out to the car and waited. A few minutes later there is a lady at my window waving her arms. I guess there was a big mix up with Express on what time I was to be there. Some thought 8, some thought 10, I was told 7:30. Sheesh...
The interview went pretty well. It's a factory so no A/C. It was pretty warm in there! But the good news is that they are casual dress. I can wear my jeans and capris!! Thank goodness b/c I was freaking out over what to wear since my dress clothes don't really fit me yet! The job is six days a week. Not too thrilled over that but the plus side is that it isnt just me working six days a week. The whole place is doing that. The factory floor is working 12 hour shifts too. Ick. Anyway, I'd be helping out with cost acct. (yay..thats much better than managerial acct) and some payroll as well. When not doing that it would be filing and what not.
They can give me a place to pump so Owen will still be able to get breast milk for the foreseeable future. Again, yay. And they can allow me a couple of days off to get Ady to my parents or whatever that ends up being.
So all in all, it sounds ok. It'll be hard working 8 hour days that start at 7 in the morning, but with help from Ian and Ady, I think we can make it work.
Now, I just have to wait a couple of days to hear the verdict. But I have a good feeling about it.

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  1. Wow-- it sounds like they will bend over backwards to accommodate your special needs, and that's a good sign that it will be a good place to work. Let us know the outcome.

    I wish I could hug that Ady and hold that baby. We miss you all.

    Love, Gramma Care