Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My little thumb sucker

Owen has been trying to get his thumb in his mouth since day one. Until last night the best he could do was getting the side of his hand in there. And that didn't satisfy him! I walked into the living room last night to see him with one finger up his nose and his thumb placed squarely in his mouth. He was quite happy!

In other news, I'm wiped. I worked late yesterday and then came home and made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, bathed two kids, got Ady and Owen off to bed. I was ready for bed before they were!!
Today, was a bit better. I got off work on time so that helps. I hope I can get some extra sleep today too!
I booked a pedicure party for my friend Katie's 'baby shower' next month. The poor girl is getting pretty miserable and she isn't due until the end of October. I hope her 'baby shower' makes her feel a bit better!

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