Sunday, August 2, 2009


While Ian's parents where here we made Cubana sandwiches and they were so fabulous that I've made mini versions twice since they left! So I figured I should share.
Heat oven to 350.
Get yourself a crust loaf of bread. (Not sliced) Like french or Italian. We used day old bread form Jimmy Johns b/c Ian is obsessed with it's cheapness.
You will also need a selection of your favorite sandwich fillings, mayonnaise, foil, two cookie sheets, and a cast iron skillet. For fillings we used ham, turkey, green peppers, onions, and cheese. The cheese is a must!
Anyway, slice your bread open but don't go all the way through. Think of it like a book! :) Spread mayo on both sides of the bread. Add your favorite sandwich toppings and then close up your sandwich and wrap in your foil.
Place your sandwich on a cookie sheet and lay the other cookie sheet on top. Place your cast iron skillet on top so that it presses the sandwiches together.
Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!

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