Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soo excited!!

It turns out last Saturday will not be mine and Ian's final night out before the baby arrives!! We are going out this Saturday too!! God bless my friend Jen and her willingness to watch Ady!
A couple of weeks ago Ian and I were in the car and heard a commercial that one of my Favorite comedians from the Bob and Tom show, Costaki Economopoulos, is coming to Dover MN and doing a show. I told Ian we should go and he wasn't really interested. Boo on him!!
Yesterday, one of his co-workers that lives in Dover said she was going to get tickets to the show and asked if anyone else wanted her to get them tickets. A bunch of Ian's co-workers said yes, and so did he!! Yay!!

In baby of the many many wives tales out there about being pregnant is that your belly will really start to itch when the baby is starting to drop. Guess what? I can't stop itching my belly this morning!! I hope he's dropping! I hope when I go the doctor tomorrow afternoon she tells me that he has dropped some!!
Cross your fingers for me!

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