Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sandbox metldowns!

It rained for two straight days. Do you know what that's like in kid time?? Like, a month! Since it wasn't raining today, I figured it would be a good day for Ady and I to get out of this house for a while. Run an errand and hit the playground so this energy filled kid of mine could run around some.
We got ready. 11:30 hits and Ady flips her 'crazy switch'. She is just bouncing off the walls! We go to Toys R Us to buy a stuffed animal for Owen. (picture at the end) We looked around for one on Sunday and found only one that we liked so Ady and I went back today and bought it. Now we need a name for the guy.
Then I went to Panera to grab a sandwich. Busy Busy Busy!! Ady was still all wound up, of course. But she did compliment a lady on her earrings, which I found funny.
Then we got to the park. I sent Ady off to play while I ate my sandwich and read my book.
Now, there are three types of grandparents that bring their grand kids to the park. Type 1 comes to the park with mom and is there to talk to mom. Mom and gma sit on a bench or table and watch the kids while they talk. Type 2 brings kids to the park alone and follows the kids around the park, watching them play. Then there is Type 3. I loathe Type 3. Type 3 brings the kids to the park and then sits in the car. They will either sit there or talk on the phone and sit there. Can't stand this type. I already said that didn't I?
Anyway, I hear Ady screaming. I get up to see what on earth is going on and find her over in the sand area. There is a little boy there fighting with Ady over a shovel. Another mom is there trying to ask the boy where his g-pa is. He's sitting in the car. The lady told me that Ady was playing and the boy just walked up and is trying to take the shovel she was playing with. I told her to give him the shovel since she had one in each hand. After that, I decided to hang around and keep an eye on things. After a couple of minutes Ady calms down and is playing. Not terribly nicely but well enough that she isn't crying or making another kid cry. Then a little guy gets to the park. He might have been 18 months old. Like I said, little guy. Ady takes a shovel and sand and pours it on his head!!! I was shocked!! I made her apologize to the baby, who luckily didn't react at all, and we left. She was mad of course b/c she 'likes being naughty' and wanted to play more. Sheesh.
It's nap time. I hope she sleeps...I could use some sleep myself.

Now, for the picture. Here is the hippo sitting in Owen's crib on the boppy pillow. cover made by my sister. :P
Any suggestions for a name?



  2. Humphrey the hippo imo!