Thursday, June 11, 2009

39 Weeks

Let the "Great Wait of 2009" begin. I"ve done the things I wanted to do before I went into labor and Ian finished his presentation (went well, thank youverymuch)
Yesterday, I got my haircut and then ran around town buying Ian stuff that I know he won't get himself for Fathers Day. Last night I went out with Katie, Jen, and Brynn for a little baby shower and last night out! Ian is going to 'Happy Hour' tonight for his last night out. Anyway, last night was good. We sat for hours and talked and talked over way too much food!!
And, we found out that Katie is pregnant with a boy!! She's a bit bummed b/c she really wanted a girl but I'm happy!! Owen will have a playmate!! Yay!
Today I'm going to nap and pack Ady's bag. Then I will just have to wait and maybe even clean my house to try and bring on labor!! :)

I'll take a picture of the goodies from last night later on today.

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