Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow..5 years ago today..

I let the cat out of the bag that I was pregnant with Ady. I had found out myself on St Patrick's Day and slowly started telling folks that needed to hear it directly from me.
Then I sat down and typed out an email to all the other people that I needed/wanted to tell but didnt need to sit face to face with me to hear it..I got a lot of replies back that night asking my if it was an April Fool's joke...I hadn't even thought about it being April 1 when I sent that email out.
Ironically, today a friend of ours let her cat out of that bag that she's pregnant!!


  1. I was the first! <3
    Truly a bonding experience making you drink water to pee on a stick.

  2. All done over yummy bowls of chili!!

  3. There was no chili that night >_>
    It was at the apt with you and brenna and the other girl. The only time I ever ate at that apt was when you made the Turkey and it was raw in the middle lol.

  4. There was chili that night. I'm 110% sure of this.