Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neighborhood happenings

Last night I got home from work and the house was dark and quiet. Very weird. Turns out, Ian and Ady had been to the park almost since I left for work. Ady played with a little girl while "Ian talked to her father' After getting Ady into bed I sat down and talked to Ian.
Turns out that the little girl and her dad are our neighbors! We'd met them a couple of times and he even helped us move in our insanely heavy couch when we were moving in. I guess him and Ian talked for quite a while before realizing who they were actually talking to! And, they also have another baby on the way! Pretty exciting. They parted ways last night saying we should all get together some night for a fire...sounds good to me....
So do hamburgers on the grill..I think I will have to arrange for hamburgers on the grill this weekend!! yum!

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