Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Girl!

We had the ultrasound on Friday  but spent the weekend out of town, so I've been too busy to blog about the big event!
Ian and I went in to the ultrasound and told the tech that yes, we wanted to find out the gender. Of course we said Yes! The ultrasound went wonderfully. Baby was moving all over the place thanks to the OJ I drank on the way in. I found out that I have an anterior placenta, meaning it's in the front of my uterus. So everything baby kick, baby is kicking a pillow and that explains why it took me so long to feel any movements. I had my suspicions since I had the same issue with Owen. I think the best part was when we got to see the baby yawn!
Towards the end, our tech asked if we wanted to know the gender again. He confirmed my thoughts and told us that we are being blessed with a little girl. :):) I'm so excited!
I have a name all picked out but Ian isn't 100% sure on it yet. So I just keep mentioning it to him. :) And refer to the baby by her name. :)

Friday night after work, we packed up and headed north to Faribault where Ian was going to ride his bike 60 plus miles in a tour Saturday morning. Our plan was to eat dinner in Faribault. Bad plan. Turns out there isn't much to choose from. We really didn't want fast food but that was about all there was. It was late and we were all getting tired and grouchy and HUNGRY! So KFC it was. Blech. We took it back to our hotel and ate. The hotel was actually great because we got a steal on a suite so Ian and I had our own room with a king bed and the kids slept in the 'living room'. We should have gone to bed earlier since we had to get up so early on Saturday but we were sucked in by and HGTV International House Hunters marathon. I have a very hard time turning that show off! 
5:30 came ver quickly the next morning. We all got up, slowly, and headed down for breakfast. After a quick meal, we loaded up and went over to Northfield to drop Ian off. He took off on his ride around 8. The kids and I went back to the hotel to swim and just hang out while Ian did his thing. The kids had a ball in the pool. :) There was a baby pool for the little ones that Owen loved to be in.
Ian called me at one of the rest stops and told me he would be in town soon. The kids and I headed over to the route so we could see Ian go by! We quickly snapped our pictures and then headed back off to Northfield to pick Ian up at the finish! Instead of spening 40 min in the car with two kids waiting for Ian to finish his ride, we went to Target. I may have bought some new clothes for the baby. :) Ian called while we were checking out and told me he was done. Opps! He finished faster than I thought he would. He was pretty mad at me for missing his finish.
Since this bike tour was happening as a part of the Jesse James Day's Festival in Northfield we headed back to the hotel so Ian could shower and then we went back to Northfield to see the re-enactment of the bank robbery. We didnt anticipate such a large crowd! Was it packed! We stood in the hot sun for 30 minutes before the 'show' started. Owen was very popular with some ladies around us. One group of college girls even took their pictures with Owen b/c he is so cute and spent so much time blowing kisses at them and flirting! Look out ladies!
The re-enactment went quickly and we couldn't see much of it from where we were standing. Oh well. After that we wandered around a bit and shared a snow cone. After that we were D-O-N-E done! We walked back to the car and left town in search of dinner. Pizza it was! It was ok. Nothing too special, but it was food! and at that point, that was all I cared about.
Back to the hotel for some time in the pool and hot tub. The kids had a good time again and Ian really enjoyed being able to soak his sore legs in the hot tub. Thankfully the kids were very worn out and went right to sleep when we got back to the room!

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