Wednesday, September 21, 2011

20 Weeks!!

your baby's the size of a cantaloupe!
Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches. She's still got a lot of growing to do though. Can you believe you're halfway done? 
  • She's got working taste buds.
  • Now, she's gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day -- that's significantly more than before.

Due Date: February 9, 2012!

Weight Gain:I'm up 11 lb

Symptoms: I can no longer just roll over in bed. It's a process now. And I have to find just the right way to sit, or there is back pain to deal with

What's different this time: I feel smaller this time around! :)

Cravings: pumpkin desserts and drinks!

Aversions: cooking

Sleep: I"m so tired this week! I've been trying to go to bed early, but it's still just not enough sleep

I am loving: all the tiny little pink outfits hanging in the closet

I miss:  not being stressed

I am looking forward to:deciding on a name!!!

I'm spazzing about: see above and getting the house cleaned up this weekend

Best thing about this week: sorry, nothing good about this week so far

Milestones: Half way through this pregnancy!

Movement: It's there, but I have an anterior placenta (meaning it's in the front of my belly) so every time she kicks, it's like she's kicking a pillow. So, I don't feel all the movements.

It's a...: I was right! It's a girl!!!

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