Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick update..

Had my dr appt today. BP was 100/60 so all is still good there. I gained 4.5 lbs this month..right on track. She said that my tummy/uterus is nice and round:) And the cramping I've been dealing with is probably from trying to do to too much or b/c my placenta is in the front instead of the the back. So nothing to worry about there.
Next appt in on March 30 and I have to do the one hour glucose test. Not looking forward to that. Not b/c I'm worried about failing it but b/c they are going to draw blood! I HATE HAVING BLOOD DRAWN!!!
ok, thats all..I'm starving and need to get to the store...

Oh and his heartbeat was 156 beats per minute. :)

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