Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ian got kicked!

Last night I finally crawled into bed feeling like death warmed over because of the sore throat that has now caused me to stay home from class. Owen was wiggling around like crazy so I told Ian that I was being kicked!
He placed his hand on my belly and a second later he felt a little nudge! I was so excited when Ian said 'I felt it'!! He just kept saying 'whoa, thats weird' over and over again. My response was 'yeah, it's weird but it's the coolest thing in the world!' What he felt last night was nothing compared to what will be coming when my belly is all stretched out and we can see a foot sticking out of my side! That is very cool/weird!
So there is my update and exciting news for today. Now I'm going to eat cereal and go back to bed!

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