Friday, February 13, 2009

How to make a pregnant woman happy...

take her to Micheal's Steakhouse for dinner!
Ady went to a party at her dance studio tonight so that left Ian and I with three whole hours to fill! Naturally, we went out for a Valentine's dinner. We ended up going to Micheal's. I got the V-day weekend special which was..
Shrimp cocktail
Cesar salad
filet mignon with smashed potatoes
raspberry bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

I was in heaven! Holy cow it was good!! And our waitress was incredible. We had to wait a little while for the salads and my shrimp. I didn't mind the waiting though. Next thing we know, she has brought out an extra bowl of soup since Ian was a little unsure about which one to pick. The Greek Lemon Chicken and Clam Chowder were both excellent! When our steaks came, our waitress apologized to Ian b/c he had ordered his steak with garlic butter and for some reason the guys in the kitchen read it as 'butterflied' so he had a butterflied steak. No biggie..still tasted the same. My steak was so good and so tender, I could have cut it with a butter knife! I offered a bite of my potatoes to Ian and our waitress saw thing we know she is bringing him his own serving of smashed potatoes!
Then it was time for dessert. It was so so good! Ian ordered a brownie fudge sundae which he also said was very good. When we were all done, we get our bill and our waitress had boxed us up a little cake to take home for the mix up about the steak!! So we have dessert for tomorrow night too!!
All in all it was a good night. Ady is exhausted and I'm hoping she will sleep in a little bit tomorrow b/c I'm pretty wiped out myself!
Oh and Owen loved the meal as well! As soon as the first bite of that steak hit my stomach he started kicking and rolling all around!


  1. So I do hope you left that "dear waitress" a goood tip!

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