Thursday, February 26, 2009

24 weeks!!

Well, Ian was grumpy last night so I had Ady take my 24 week belly picture. She loves doing it too:) In fact, she's done most of them!! Who would have thought??

Last night after work I helped Ian sort out what he is going to wear for all of his PhD interviews and dinners he has to attend the rest of the week. What a pain. Leave it to a guy to wait for the last minute to think about what he is wearing!!
We managed to go to bed early but didn't get to sleep. Ian was talking...
Then sleep came. Wonderful, hard, full of great dreams sleep. Then the phone rang. AT 4 AM!! It was Ian's friend Phil. He did not call once, or twice, but he called THREE TIMES!! Ian answered it the second time and told Phil that we were sleeping b/c it was 4 a.m. Phil was surprised that it was that early in the morning. Instead of saying "oh ok man, sorry, talk to you later"....he puts his fiance on the phone!! grrr!!! Ian finally got them off of the phone only to have him call back a few minutes later...grr...Ian turned his phone off at that point. And I never got back to sleep....oh well...that's what the weekend is for, right??

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