Monday, January 12, 2009

Yay for regular movement!

On New Years Eve, I felt my first flutter and then nothing. Now a couple of weeks later I'm very excited to say that there are regular little movements from the babe. Mostly at night when I'm going to bed I can feel s/he rolling around and today when I was sitting in my class I felt a roll. Made class much more interesting! :)
Lets see..what else is new? We are getting lots of snow right now. Boo. But thats the price I pay for living in Minnesota...but on the bright side of that coin, it's so so much better than Alaska!! I talked to Ian's dad the other day and he was telling us how cold it was up there right now and it exhausts him to walk to mile or 2 to the gym! Well, in -20 it would exhaust me too!!
Thats about all really. Well, Ady is still adamant that she is going to have a sister, there will be no brother! My mom really wants it to be a boy, mainly b/c she doesn't like our girl name. Oh well.
Only 10 more days and we'll know!

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