Friday, January 9, 2009

17 Weeks

Here is the 17 week bump. A tiny one, but hey, it's there!
Nothing much to report really. Ian is starting to take a bigger interest in things 'baby' related. He asked me last night how much of my 'bump' was baby so I pointed things out to him.
We are settled on the boy name but I'm still not 100% for our girl name. I don't think that matters much though, because I am still convinced I'm carrying a boy this time around.
I didn't sleep very well last night. My back, hips, and legs were all hurting from what I suspect is my sciatic nerve. Joy.
Ady started a dance class last night called Creative Movement 2. She is in love with it already. Ian is already wondering how she will handle it when she is tall and 'big' like the women in his family. I just roll my eyes and point out that she is only 4!! When we got home and I asked Ady what they did in class she showed me some jumps and a slide type move that they worked on.
There will be a big recital Mother's Day weekend and that should be a lot of fun to see a bunch of 4 year olds all dressed up on stage together!

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