Friday, January 2, 2009

Our New Years

It's a couple of days late, I know, but Happy New Year everyone!
Ian, Ady, and I went to a party at some friends house. The plan was to only stay a couple of hours..yeah we left after midnight! The party was a good time. Ady had a great time hanging out with everyone and playing with the dogs. She even got to take a lot of the pictures that we have now. I was happy to see some of the girls that I don't get to see very often and Ian got to hang out with a friend of his that is leaving for India soon.
The best part was when Ady was shown the dancing/singing snowman. She must have pushed that button 50 times!

Once midnight was getting closer the champagne was passed out (Ady had OJ and I had 7Up). We all counted down and I got a nice kiss from Ian! :) Shortly after that it was time for a very tired Ady to be getting home! As we were going upstairs Ady stopped and said that she had to say good bye to everyone. She went back down and hugged everyone that she knew! :)
Surprisingly, she was still awake when we got home so Ian and I both put her to bed. I turned off the living room light on my way back through and left the kitchen light for Ian to get. I finally got to put on my jammies and then went to take out my contacts. Ian had left the kitchen light on. I just thought 'good grief' and went to turn it off. I walked into the kitchen and sitting on the table was a box from Fred Meyers, just like there was a year ago when he proposed. I was shocked! I turned around and he was standing in the hallway waiting for me to open it. Inside there was a beautiful chain and a pendant that we had bought on our honeymoon. I was so happy!
That was pretty much our New Years. I don't think there will be any parties for us next year since we will have a 6 month old and a 5 year old! :)

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