Saturday, January 17, 2009

18 Weeks

It has been bitterly bitterly cold this past week! I'm talking -25 every single morning! Luckily, according to the weatherman it is over and we are getting a heat wave this weekend! On Sunday the temperature should be in the 20's! I'm really looking forward to that. :)

Baby has been moving around a lot when I'm sitting in class trying to pay attention to accounting, which is really hard to do when you have a baby poking you and rolling around in you! We get to find out on Friday if it's a boy or a girl. So excited! Ian looked up a fortune teller last night on the internet and no matter how he tried to word it, he is not having a boy. We are having a girl according to the very acurate and reliable internet fortune teller. ;)

I've finished my first week of classes in the new semester and it looks like this will be a very stressful semester because of one class. Financial Presentations. The woman that is teaching it has never taught the class before so we really have no idea what to expect! We have project due in March that will be created in Access. That program is impossible to work with! I can't stand it. So that was my big stress this past week.

Last night we went out for Indian food. I've never tried it before. It wasn't bad. Pretty good actually. You could order anything in mild, medium, American hot, or Indian hot. My dish was pretty basic, just chicken and veggies on a hot skillet. Next time I'll try something that has a sauce to it b/c mine was a bit on the dry side when you mix it with rice. One guy that went out with us, Joe, got a goat dish..I don't think I will ever be that brave!!

So that brings us to today. At breakfast this morning Ady was very curious about the baby again asking me where it was, so I showed her the hard part of my stomach and told her that the baby is in there. Next she wanted to know if she could play with baby's 'bilical' cord. :) So then came the explanation that the cord has to stay inside until the baby is born and that by the time she gets to see the baby, most of the cord will be gone.

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