Sunday, January 18, 2009

First big baby purchase

Last night I convinced Ian to go to Babies R Us and look at the travel system we have been eyeing. I had found a coupon for $20 off and with the money I have saved up and the gift card my mom gave me for Christmas, we could get a really good deal on it.
We got there and pulled it out, tried it out and then spent the next 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fold the damned thing. Finally one of the managers saw us and asked if we need help. Yes! Please! She couldn't get it either. So she pulled over one of the girls that puts these things together and she decided it had been on the floor too long and was defective now. Um..ok. The gal was nice enough to pull another one down and 5 minutes later we had a brand new one to play with. Piece of cake to make it fold. It's even one handed so that was great.

We got a jogging stroller, not because either of us jogs (Ha!) but because we do like to go places other than the mall! Like camping, and to the Renaissance Festival which is basically in a big field (not stroller friendly!) I also wanted it so that I can use it to kick my butt into taking the baby down to Silver Lake and walking the 2 mile trail around it and get the dreaded baby weight off. This stroller moves so so much easier than the ones that we've had for Ady!
Can't wait to use it now!!

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