Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok, the update

I've officially been on spring break since Thursday afternoon and that fact alone makes me very happy! The last week of classes was exhausting to say the least.
I had a project due in my presentations class. I thought it was all done on Thurs morning and I would just sit through class while everyone else 'tweaked' their project. Boy way I wrong! I had to print it off three more times before it was all right! What a waste of paper!
Since then, I've been doing laundry and more laundry. It's ridiculous how much laundry 2 1/2 people can go through!! But I have to do all of this laundry so that we have everything clean for our trip to Indiana on Wed. That, I'm looking forward to. Not the drive though! :)
In preparation for this trip, I told Ian that we needed to get our tires rotated and balanced. We headed for Sam's to stock up on food and get the tires taken care of. About half way through our shopping, Ian got a call from the tire department telling us that two of our tires were bald and they couldn't do anything with them. My thought was 'oh crap' . Ian headed over to the tire dept and bought two new tires. Oh well. The car is much easier to drive now!!
So today, I hope to vaccum out the car and finish up the laundry...but first...
I need breakfast!


  1. New tires are always good! Jay's tires on his car are always worn down because of his stupid car and they're really expensive!

    EVS can't go on Saturday, so we can actually do something earlier than after 5pm since we were just waiting for her to get off work that night. Let me know what time and what you want to do. We could even do a lunch then a Target/anything else shop run afterwards. Not too early though...because you know how much of a morning person I am! ;)

  2. lol..ok. Lunch is good for me. Ian will be with me though, just so you know. I'm not picky on times or anything..I just require food! :)

  3. Well if you want to do just a girl's outing I can go later. Doesn't matter. Just need to know when to leave the apt!

  4. sorry, can't do a 'girls outing' really. I have to leave Ian for a couple of hours on Friday and he is already pissy about that! Sorry.

  5. lol okay. Well we can do lunch if you want. Email me your phone number to make sure I still have the right number in my phone and we'll set something up as in where to eat and stuff.