Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blackforest Stuffed Cupcakes

Yesterday was Ian's birthday and we had dinner with some friends. It went fairly well, considering we had Ady with us and she is one huge ball of energy! If there was way I could tap into that energy, I'm sure she would take care of all our heating and electrical needs for the entire year!
I received a couple of comments at dinner last night about how much I"m showing. Ian made comments later in the night too. It's so weird that is acting all shocked that I have this belly now.
Still no news on the PhD program and Ian is getting antsy about it.
The time change is really messing with me. I'm wiped out this week! I'm going to work on a project for a few minutes and then curl up in bed for several hours! :) Then I need to make the tacos that I was to make Sunday night, for dinner tonight.
I'm very very ready for spring break to get here..and spring weather!! Only one more day of classes and then I'm free for one whole week!! Next Wed we are packing up and heading to IN for a couple of days. Our main motivation is to get Ady's named changed since I gave her my last name when she was born. We had two choices there..go to Lafayette and have it done, or pay court fees and all that fun stuff to have it done IN here we come. Oh and seeing friends and family is nice too ;)
We will only be in town for three days and those days are already packed up tight with things to do!
Thursday-change Ady's name, story time for Ady at granny's library, dinner with parents and gma at TC's
Friday- day is open. afternoon/evening Aunt Kathy is coming over to see us! yay!!
Saturday- two of my favorite people in Indy are coming up to see me.
Sunday- hit the road again
At some point my parents wants to celebrate Ian's birthday. Ian won't like this b/c he doesn't like birthdays. Ady will be thrilled b/c it means more cake!

Speaking of cake...I found a recepie for cupcakes that I must make..wish they were already made so I could be eating one!!
Blackforest Stuffed Cupcakes

As you may be able to tell, I'm on a chocolate kick. It's not my's Owen's!!

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