Monday, March 23, 2009

27 Week update

I was at home in Indiana when I hit the 27 week mark so this post is a bit late.
It was nice to be home for a few days. It was jam packed with things that needed to be done though.
First on the list was changing Ady's name. When she was born, I gave her my name, 'White'. Now that Ian and I have gotten married (finally!!) we needed to change her name. That didn't go as smoothly as it should have! I forgot to bring a marriage license with me so we had to leave Lafayette and go back to Delphi to get one. Once that was done, it was easy sailing. She is now a Clift. I just need to get to the SS office to change that over now.
Thursday my grandma took us out to dinner at TC's. That was great, as always! On Friday I was able to do a tiny bit of shopping of with my mom while my grandma was at the doctors office. Then my aunt and her husband came over for dinner that night. We played a game called Sequence and twice Ian kept me from winning simply b/c his turn was before mine!! On Saturday we met up with my friend Liann and had lunch and did a bit of shopping for baby things. :) Saturday night was spent around a bonfire roasting hot dogs and brats and looking at the stars.
Sunday it was back on the road for us. 8 long hours in the car. Luckily, Ian was in the mood for a good lunch and not just fast food so we stopped at Texas Roadhouse and had lunch. I was starving by the time we stopped.
I was glad to be home but disappointed that no one had come to clean to my house while I was gone!! ;)

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures taken while on the trip.

Ady kissing her baby brother.

27 Weeks Belly is 36" around

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  1. YAY LIDDIA! I'm glad we got to catch up for a little bit. I look forward to seeing more pictures! I suggested Jay and I move to Rochester to be closer to you guys and he just chuckled. :(