Tuesday, December 9, 2008

School sucks!

My semester finishes up next week. Thank goodness! I'm at my wits end with one class. My Access/Peachtree class. Peachtree was a breeze. Access can suck my big toe! It takes nearly 2 hours for each assignment and I have 4 more due by Thursday the 18th.
Today, our lovely instructor dropped a 4 page paper on us. The subject? Tax. That has nothing to do with my class!!! Grrrrr...
Also, I'm trying to work out my schedule for next semester, and my final semester God willing. I need to take in Income Tax class. I was all signed up for it last semester and it was canceled two days before classes started. We had the choice to do it independent study but I dropped the ball and didn't get it done on time. I can't do independent study for Spring semester. Boo. So I am having to look at taking it from another school or getting my school to sign off on a replacement course. I've been emailing folks like crazy trying to get answers and I'm not getting any!

Vent over....

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