Tuesday, December 9, 2008

11 weeks

I'm 11 weeks pregnant now. I'm pretty much uncomfortable all the time now too. This fact alone leads me to think that this little munchkin is in fact a boy. I don't remember being this uncomfortable so early on with Adyson. I was perfectly happy being pregnant right up to my last week of it!

The uncomfortable bloating and desire to wear 'pajama' like pants all the time are my only real complaints. No morning sickness, not terribly tired, my chest isn't nearly as sore as it was with Ady.

So yeah..once the bloat goes away and it turns into an actual baby bump, I hope I feel more comfortable and maybe my maternity clothes will fit because I am so ready to be in comfy clothes all the time!!

Oh and another thing, at the end of January when we can find out if this babe is indeed a boy or a girl, you will be able to knock me over with a feather if it's a girl. Ady will be very disappointed if it's a boy, but I think he would grow on her. She tells me all the time that she is going to share her blanket and toys with her baby sister, 'phia. When I ask her what she will do if she has a brother, she just corrects me and lets me know she is going to have a baby sister.....

Here are some belly shots from BFP until 11 weeks.

5 weeks:

7 weeks: Look at that bloat!
10 weeks. Again, look at that bloat!

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