Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 weeks

I'm 12 weeks now:) Yay for almost being done with the first trimester. The bloat has left me alone for the last couple of days. I hope that keeps up b/c it really sucks!

I'm looking forward to Christmas shopping b/c Ian is going to buy me some much needed maternity jeans! yay for comfort!

In other news, we are looking at getting 12 inches of snow between this afternoon and tomorrow evening..blech. So I was really happy when I came to work tonight and was told that my shifts later in the week have been cancelled! I'm also looking forward to time off since my library closes down for Christmas break! yipee!! Then Ian called me and when I asked him whats up and he replied with I just called to say I love you , so I love you. I was shocked and so so happy. (For those of you that know Ian, you know that THIS JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN!!)

Lets see..what else..oh Ady told me yesterday that she is really excited for our baby to get here. :) Today she was playing 'Lion', where she basically pretends to be a lion. She told me that she was going to eat me! I told her that if she ate me, there wouldn't be a baby anymore. So she said ok, I'll eat daddy! Ian suggested that she eat the sock he was holding. She told him 'no, daddy, Lions don't like socks. If I ate a sock I'd die!" :)

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    this is Ian right? Shocking!