Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Dr Appt

November 21, 2008
I had my first doctor's appointment today. I started with the nurse work up, which was basically my medical history. After that it was off for blood work. Yay. I nearly passed out while they did that. I've never been a fan of having blood drawn but that was a first. After some juice and laying down I went back upstairs to meet my Doctor.
Ian met up with me and we headed to the Doctor. She started off with a quick ultrasound! I was so excited to see the little munchkin. We could see the tiny little heart beating and she printed off pictures. I'm measuring at exactly 10 weeks and the babe is measuring 3 cm long. So my due date is officially June 19!
My doctor was really nice and quite funny. She's from Canada and snorts when she laughs! It's hilarious!!
So thats all for now. Next appt is the Dec 29

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