Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Late last week, Ian and I woke up and noticed that our A/C was running almost none stop and that it's wasn't putting out very cold air. Awesome opossum! Ian looked around and found that the tube going from the unit to the house had ice on it. That can't be good, right?! Moving into the basement we saw water (?) on the floor running from the furnace to the drain. Looks like it was time to call the repair guys in. Ian set up an appt for this morning. So, that meant we would be living without A/C for a few days. Thankfully, this summer has been unusually cool, so it wasn't too bad at all really!
Fast forward to last night. I started to clean up dinner when I noticed a puddle under the freezer door. I opened the door and noticed melting ice on the door. Ummm....Ian?!?! We started looking around and decided well, maybe the door wasn't closed all the way. So we cleaned up the mess and hoped things would start to freeze up again. Just as I was heading for bed, Ian opened the fridge/freezer and no, things were not colder. I grabbed the coolers and started taking stuff out of the freezer to put in the chest freezer. With some rearranging, I was able to get everything into the chest freezer.After that, Ian looked around to see if he could figure out what was wrong with the fridge. Dead motor it seems. So I was off to the store to get ice to put our groceries in.
The kitchen now has three coolers in it with all of our food from the fridge. Tonight, we shop. Hopefully coming home with a new fridge purchased that will be delivered ASAP!!!

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