Monday, June 27, 2011

Walking my feet off!

This past weekend, one of my oldest (and old roomie) came up to see me! I haven't seen her since my wedding and that was over three years ago. We were long overdue for a visit!!
On Friday, we stayed up way too late (at least in the book of this pregnant gal) and I warned her that little man Owen likes to wake very early! Ha Ha! but she could sleep as late as she wants. Come Saturday morning, I was stunned with litle man didn't wake up until 8:30. It was heaven!! He must have known how tired his poor momma was from growing his new sibling(I'm convinced it's his new sister, but anyway..). I don't think he has ever slept so late!
After breakfast we all headed for the park so we could walk. Well, we didn't stop at the park with our walk. We walked downtown and strolled around the Farmers Market and then we checked out Rocehsterfest and gave B (my friend) a little taste of heaven with friend cheese curds.   At this point it was starting to rain so we headed for home. B and I decided on our walk that we should go to the Mall of America and Ikea. (what were we thinking?!?!)
Once home we spiffed ourselves up and headed for the cities. We walked, and walked, and walked. B bought a pair of shoes. That was our only purchase..ok that and cookies to take home. :)
We were both dead tired by this point but I really did have to go to IKEA. I needed to get bedding for the kids new beds. Want to see it?