Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a miracle!! Or curse! (depending on who you are!)

Ian called me last night when he got home from work. That damn refrigerator was working! After I'd speent all day looking for my new one! grrrr. Ian said we would go and look anyway. So we did. And I loved one of them. It was even 50% off. *le sigh* We did not walk away with a new one. We walked away with 'we'll think about it'
I came to work this morning and the girls gave me lots of reasons why we should go ahead and get it.
1. Adding or upgrading anything in your kitchen adds value to the house. (Ian will love that one!!)
2.I will be able to actually SEE what is in our fridge/freezer!!
3. They both (the girls at work) got new ones. (ok, so that one probably won't work on Ian)
4. It was 50% off!!! That's a darn good price!
So we'll see. One good thing did happen last night. We sold the futon. So now, Ian and a buddy of his can move Ady's unbelievably heavy bed from her room to the basement so that we can make way for the new bunk beds!

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