Monday, July 20, 2009

Duluth Minnesota

On Friday, we went to the airport and picked up Ian's parents. Then we headed for Duluth. We had never traveled that far north before and we were excited to see what it held for us!
It was a longer drive than we had expceted. That was because we missed a turn. It was around 9:00 before we got into Duluth and our hotel room. We tried to book another night once we got there, but they were booked for the whole weekend. Bummer.
Ady was excited to see the pool. Ian, Ady, Rob, and Care changed into their suits and took Ady swimming. Owen and I happily sat in some chairs and watched Ady play and swim. Owen didn't sleep very well that night, probably because he had slept most of the day.
We were up and out of the hotel by just after 9 Saturday morning. We headed for the aquarium and got there about 30 minutes before it opened. There was a playground next door so Ady played for a while and then we walked around a park that is used for concerts and such right on the water. It was pretty nice. We watched the ariel bridge go up so a tour boat could pass underneath. While watching that we noticed a boat docked next to us with security guards. Rob started talking to one of the guards and found out that it was a cruise ship. The penthouse suite was going for $10,000 per person for the week!! Crazy!!!
By this time the aquarium was open so we headed in. It was a very nice aquarium that housed local fish. The bottom floor was very interactive and Ady had a blast playing with the boats that they had there.
When we left the aquaruium, we decided to go to the Canal Park area for lunch real quick and then we would go on a train ride. We walked around Canal Park for a while and ended up eating at a place that I have wanted to go to for over a year. Hell's Kitchen! The food was great!! I loved it all. I hope to go back again one day!
Then we went on our train ride. Ady had good time with it. It was nice to just sit back and relax for a while and look out the windows at the St Louis River. On the ride back to the station, Ady stretched out on the chairs and went to sleep!
It was still early in the day so we went back to Canal Park to explore the water front and shops some more. We saw a place called Owen's Yacht Sales:) We bought some very yummy chocolate at a store and found Ady a sweatshirt. By this time it was after 5 and we needed to hit the road.
It was a long drive back home. After 11 before we got back!!


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