Monday, July 6, 2009

Broken promise

I know I said I would provide a real update today BUT Owen decided that last night was a really great night to not sleep. AT ALL. He woke up around 1 am and didnt go back to sleep until after 4. I had to get up just after 5 to take my sister to the airport. Awesome. Ian and I are zombies and he had to go to work today! Poor guy.
I will say this b/c I've been meaning to say it and just haven't been able to get it. Ian has been incredible since Owen was born. I was so nervous about Ian getting up and helping me out with late feedings and diapers and all the other things that go along with a new baby. He never let me down. I never had to beg him to get up and take a feeding or change a pooey diaper. He even got up once last night b/c he knew I was at the end of my rope after being up for so many hours.
I love him. he's been a good husband and father!

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  1. Pa Rob, Gran Care, Gray-gran, Aunt Bruck and Uncle Nick are together in Little Rock and looking at the blog. WE are all looking forward to seeing you all, in person! Pa and Gran will be there soon. Love to all!