Monday, July 27, 2009

back to normal

The in-laws left this morning. My house is very quiet. It's weird. But nice. It was also nice to have some family around again. I cooked every night that they were in town, except for one and we went to eat dinner at the Hubbel House. Very good food. Lots of food.
Ady was a bit wild the week that her grandparents were here. I don't know why. But I know that she is calm and well behaved today. I'm thinking that if Owen will go to sleep I can get in the shower and do the dishes really quick, then we can walk over to the park and wear Ady out. Then it will be nap time! :) Mommies love nap time!
I've been really awful at taking pictures lately. Owen is smiling some now. It's at random times and I can't figure out anything particular thing that makes him smile. I will get a picture of it one day!
I spent most of the time that Ian's parents where here sick. Now Ian is sick. I blame it on all of the extra cigars he smoked while his 'old man' was in town. I hope he bounces back quickly. Ian doesn't get sick often but we all know how well men handle being sick ;)

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