Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Update

It's becoming habit that I really only do a 'big' post on Sunday. I'm just too busy during the week to actually sit down and do it. I think about what I want to write, I just never actually get to it.
We decided to go the State Fair this weeken. Holy. Cow. The crowds. At least 100,000 people there. It was insane!

Ady had a ball of course. And Owen was an angel, of course.
We started to tril at a bike shop in Minneapolis where Ian bought this:

A Surly Long Haul Trucker. I even think that's the right color. He tried out alight tan one that I just thought was ugly. When Ian told me he could get it in an olive green, I told him that would be much better. Next thing I know, he walked out of the shop and told me that they are going to call when his new bike comes in. Ok, then. 
Then it was off to the Fair. We found a Park & Ride lot and then boarded a bus, which Ady loved! When we got to the Fair we spent a long time just wandering about and looking at exhibts. This is one of the first things we saw
Handmade wooded kayaks. Gorgeous, huh?
One of the main things we wanted to see was the Miracle Birthing Center. It's full of animals that we set to give birth during the fair. If you are lucky enough to be in the building during a birth you get to watch. If not, they record the births and they replay them on TV's all day long. But the place was PACKED and we didn't get to see much of anything. And by this point Ady was dying to get to the rides and get on the Merry-Go-Round.
We did finally make it over to the ride area and spent a good chunk of our money on tickets for Ady. She had a ball.

After the rides Ady was hungry and we were all pretty much beat. We'd been there a long time and just wanted to be home! We finally managed to find our gate and boarded the bus again to get to the car.
Owen was super happy and super smily on the ride back to the car.

We left St. Paul right around sunset and Ian got this great picture of the skyline.

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