Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming soon...

An update about our awesome weekend in Wisconsin, Owen, and everything else that been going on!!
To hold you over though...

We (mom, Ady, Owen, and I) were playing in the lake while Rob and Ian cleaned an insane amount of fish. Ady was happily playing in the water and was wanting to swim out to a swim dock. Well, I didn't have on the bottoms to my swimsuit so I told her she would have to wait for daddy to come and play with her.
When Ian did come out, he ran down the dock and jumped into the water. Ady was laying on a raft and Ian told her to swim out to  him and they would go over to the swim dock. Ady said..are you ready for this? It's great...
Ady said, "I have a little headache, so I'll just stay here on my raft and paddle"

We all bent over laughing!

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